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Genesis Xenon 800 gaming mouse in test – big and light!

Design & Workmanship

Let’s therefore take a closer look at the mouse. In doing so, we start with the surface of the mouse. Like many other very lightweight gaming mice, the surface is perforated in a honeycomb pattern. This not only reduces the overall weight of the mouse by quite a bit, but is also quite stable. We find the perforated surface on the back of the mouse, on the bottom and on the sides – Yet everything has been processed very accurately and without qualitative defects.

Mouse buttons

The two main keys look a bit unusual for the angular gamer’s eye due to their rounded shape. The reason for this can be found in the shape of the mouse. Genesis has opted for a very rounded shape, which can be seen most clearly on the mouse buttons. Between the mouse buttons is a mouse wheel, which can be rolled quietly and is RGB illuminated. There is also another, slightly larger button underneath, which can be used to switch between the mouse’s DPI modes. The familiar and important side mouse buttons are also present here in a convenient position and size.

On the bottom, we also have the option to adjust the mouse speed with a small slider. There are a total of three positions into which the slider can be moved. In addition, we can take a look at the sensor here. This gaming mouse has an optical sensor (PMW3389). This is one of the best sensors on the market. In addition, we then see five white glide pads, each of which can be found at the corners and directly on the sensor. Their purpose is to let the mouse glide smoothly over different surfaces – on the Xenon 800, the transmitted feeling is very pleasant, even on different surfaces.

To open the mouse, you can simply take the plastic piece from the bottom of the small column of the RGB strip from its intended position. It is held to the mouse by magnets. Now you not only have the possibility to get a better view of the mouse if you want to clean it, for example, but you also have the possibility to adjust something to your own liking – we’re talking about the weight. As already mentioned, Genesis supplies a small rail that contains several small weights. With the help of a magnet, the rail with the weights is held in position. The whole concept behind it is not only a good idea, but also very successful in its implementation. At the same time, the weight has remained low, which is to be praised.

However, it is a bit annoying to get the weights out of the foam, as it is very tight on the weights. Don’t misunderstand – this is exactly what is intended and good so that the weights don’t get stuck in the mouse by themselves while gaming. In addition, Genesis has done another thing very well with the design – humor with their own products. If you take the rail out of the mouse, you can see a small drawing game, which invites you to smile. To put it all in a nutshell: In the point design & workmanship there are no negative conspicuousness!

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