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Genesis Xenon 800 gaming mouse in test – big and light!

Software & RGB lighting

In RGB, the Xenon 800 can light up in two places – Once on the mouse wheel and also at the bottom of the mouse with a Genesis logo and a small stripe. In order to be able to address the lighting Genesis provides a software made specifically for the mouse, which we can find for download on the product website of Genesis. With this we can also manage other configurations such as the mouse buttons, macros or DPI height. The user interface of the software has not been designed in an extraordinary or beautiful way, but it is clear and easy to use.

A total of 10 modes are available for the RGB lighting. These are the usual RGB modes, which are more than enough here on the mouse to play with the colors individually. The lighting as a whole looks very good – The colors all look very nice and strong in appearance. A nice idea is also the Genesis logo, which can glow in RGB. Unfortunately, it is somewhat drowned out by the warben design when looking at the mouse from above or from the side.


The Xenon 800 was used for a test period of one week. Now we want to announce our practical experience. To get a comprehensive picture, we started some games and software with the mouse and let it be operated by different hands. We noticed that the mouse works very accurately in fast movements and is also very precise – factors that are very important for the mouse’s target group. The lift-off distance is low and accordingly feels very comfortable when rowing with the mouse set to a low speed.

USB port

Further, we noticed that the mouse’s height and length make it very easy to use with large hands. With any type of grip, the palm is well supported. Slightly smaller hands, on the other hand, might have the problem that they can only operate the main buttons well with the palm grip. It is also important to mention that the mouse is designed for right-handers. The reason for this is the designed shape in the middle of the mouse, which means that the left half is slightly higher than the right.

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