Google Maps introduces payment for parking and driving tickets

Google Maps is getting new features that will allow users to buy parking tickets and purchase tickets for public transportation. The new features will first be rolled out in the U.S. before being made available worldwide.

“Pay for Parking” feature

With Google Maps’ “Pay for Parking” parking ticket payment option, Google wants to enable users to buy a parking ticket directly through the app. Google also sees an advantage in the new function in view of the pandemic, since motorists no longer have physical contact with the parking ticket machines. The new function is very simple; if the user is in a parking lot that supports the system, the app displays a button with “Pay for Parking.” If the option is used, the driver still enters the parking space number and the parking time and thus has his parking ticket. The extension of the parking duration is also particularly interesting, drivers do not have to go back to their vehicle to buy a new parking ticket, with the app the parking duration can be extended at any time via Google Maps.

With the new feature of Google Maps can also manage multiple vehicles, the respective vehicle can be assigned a name or even color to manage. In this way, parking tickets can be kept in view at all times, including those of the partner, for example. The parking time can thus be kept in view at all times, down to the second. Whether and when the new function will be introduced in Europe has not yet been announced.

Purchase tickets directly based on the route

The function for buying tickets for public transportation will almost certainly come to Europe. For the “Pay for Parking” feature, it’s not quite clear yet. To ensure that ticketing via Google Maps can be implemented flawlessly, Google is cooperating with more than 80 companies worldwide. The rollout of the function will already take place in the next few weeks. With the new function in Google Maps, tickets can then be purchased directly according to one’s own route planning. This makes planning trips across multiple regions much more convenient. The purchased tickets will then be saved as digital tickets and can be shown to the driver or held up to the appropriate reader. Tickets are paid for simply via Google Pay and with the services stored here. The new Google Maps functions save the user having to switch between the various apps.

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