Hacker attack: millions of user data of a dating platform published

They were just looking for the big love and now they have to fear serious consequences. Comprehensive private data of 2.28 million users has been revealed in a forum for hackers. According to the operator of the website, this does not include sensitive payment information, but it can still lead to major consequential problems for users.

Customer data only uncritical at first glance

In total, the published data comprises 1.2 GB. All members of the publicly accessible hacker forum have access to this. The hacker seems to have met with great approval with the data. After all, the post has already been accessed more than 1500 times. It is also still possible to download the data. However, we do not know the download numbers. Although the revealed data is not serious payment information, those affected still have to reckon with serious problems. They include users’ names, dates of birth, email addresses and places of residence. It also includes personal information such as body details, marital status and the IP addresses. On top of that, the hacker published passwords and Facebook account information. However, not all users are affected by the theft of all this data.

Users must fear blackmail

According to statements from operator MeetMindful, users need not fear further attacks. The company had closed the security leak and taken appropriate precautions. Nevertheless, it is advisable to set up a new password. Although the stolen users do not have to fear for access to their accounts according to MeetMindful’s statements, financial risks still exist. The reason for this is the risk of becoming a victim of blackmail.


The data, which came to light through the hacker attack, could be used by criminals as a basis for a so-called “sex blackmail”. Especially pictures or videos in very revealing positions are a target for criminals. The same applies to people who are actually already in a relationship but were still active on the dating platform. A corresponding ransom would lead to a great financial burden for the victims. It is therefore desirable that the published data is quickly removed from the forum.

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