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Havit KB462L Review – Affordable Mechanical Keyboard

Havit is known for its large gaming gear portfolio. Besides a lot of choice, the price of the products is acceptable and you can get a lot for little money. The same goes for the Havit KB462L, a mechanical keyboard with Outemu switches. In order to offer the customer an inexpensive product, savings have to be made somewhere, no question. You can find out in the test where savings have been made and whether the keyboard is suitable at all.

Design and Workmanship

The Havit KB462L comes in a plain cardboard box. Apart from the lettering and some information about the keyboard there is nothing else to be found there. Included in the box is a key puller, the removable palm rest and some paperwork.

Due to the many function keys on the left side, the keyboard is very clumsy. In addition, there are additional keys at the upper edge and the keys for media control. The media control and the function keys in the upper area are slightly raised. They are separated from the rest by a bar with RGB lighting.

Above the Numpad the Havit logo is set in scene with RGB lights and is already a small eye-catcher. Especially with regard to the otherwise black and silver keyboard. RGB lighting can actually be found on any gaming keyboard, no matter how much it costs. This is also the case with the KB462L from Havit. The lighting effects aren’t really a big hit, but you can at least choose between a few, there’s a software for that.

In itself, the keyboard doesn’t make a high-quality impression. Even the plastic used doesn’t feel really good. The overall picture is enhanced by silver trim on both sides. At least the keycaps feel better than the rest.

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