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Help Will Come Tomorrow on test: Stranded in the wilderness

After the hit “We. The Revolution.” the spiritual successor to the Indi game, “Help Will Come Tomorrow” has now been released. The strategy survival game from the Polish developer Arclight Creations is set in 1917, during the Russian Revolution. You take control of a group of survivors of a train accident, who are stranded in the Siberian wilderness. How Help Will Come Tomorrow does in the test and who should take a closer look at the game, you will learn in this report.

The freezing wilderness

After a short cutscene you will find yourself in your camp with four survivors. At the beginning this is not a real camp at all, because first the appropriate structures have to be built.

But as you will spend most of the game time in the camp, it’s of course worthwhile to expand it accordingly. This requires two things: materials and energy. Both are limited.

Each of your characters can have up to three action points. Most activities consume at least one, some even more. However, the number of points at the beginning of the day can be reduced by negative status changes such as fatigue or illness. In any case, you will need to reassess on a daily basis whether you want to use the energy to collect materials and food, expand your camp, or create items such as tools or food. Life and death (and individual body parts) are at stake in each of these decisions. Because one thing becomes clear pretty damn quickly: The ice tundra does not forgive mistakes.

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