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Huawei Mate 10 Pro: Huaweis New Flagship Reviewed

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei presented its new flagship Mate 10 Pro a few weeks ago in Munich. In this test you can find out whether the new device can continue the success of the Mate series and whether it can keep up with the competition.

Design and Workmanship

In terms of design, the Mate 10 Pro differs greatly from its predecessor, the Mate 9. Whereas the Mate 9 still had an aluminium back, Huawei now has a glass back. This is slightly bent at the edges and feels quite high quality. However, it is also very sensitive to fingerprints. It’s nice that the Mate 10 Pro does without the plastic inlays that were necessary for the antennas in the previous model.

On the other hand, little has been done on the layout of the back: At the top center there are two camera lenses, which Huawei has again developed with camera specialist Leica. To the left is the dual flash and to the right the autofocus laser. The fingerprint sensor is located under the cameras.

If you look at the front of the Mate 10 Pro, several new features stand out. The main difference is certainly the new display format of 18:9, which has become more and more popular since the Samsung Galaxy S8. The screen edges have also shrunk considerably. Especially above and below you can see the difference to the Mate 9 very clearly. The ratio of screen to chassis size is almost 82%, making it relatively manageable despite the large 6-inch display. People with small hands should nevertheless check before buying whether it is not too big.

The workmanship of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro is very good. The gap dimensions are very small and the on/off button, as well as the volume rocker, have a clearly defined pressure point. Only the edges of the cameras are somewhat sharp-edged. This should not be a problem in everyday life, but was partly solved more beautifully by other manufacturers. Overall, however, the workmanship is impeccable, as usual from Huawei. Due to its weight, the Mate 10 Pro feels very high quality, but it is not too heavy.

Included in the delivery are, in addition to the device itself, a SuperCharge charger including USB-C cable, a transparent plastic case, a manual, sim card tool, USB-C headphones and USB-C to jack adapter.

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