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Huawei P20 Pro: The Smartphone with Triple Camera Reviewed


Due to the offensive application, the camera must be subjected to a very detailed test. Due to the advertising focus on the camera, the success of the smartphone depends on it. Huawei‘s P20 Pro is the first smartphone to feature three cameras on the back. It remains to be seen whether this is a “revolution” – this assessment is incumbent on each interested party itself. The first sensor has 40 megapixels at an f/1.8 aperture, the second has twenty megapixels at an f/1.6 aperture and the third offers eight megapixels at an f/1.2 aperture. On the front there is also a camera with 24 megapixels and an f/2.0 aperture. So a total of four cameras are installed.

Now Huawei confidently announces that it is a revolution and the best smartphone camera in the world. Ultimately, such an assessment is always subjective. In the test we can see that the results of the Huawei camera are in no way inferior to the results of the cameras of other high-calibre smartphones – iPhone X and Co. But which photos are more attractive or “better” has to be decided by the user himself. Ultimately, however, Huawei never promised too much: The camera is outstanding and produces grandiose photos.

In addition, there are some extras that can be switched on if necessary. This includes artificial intelligence, which corrects the photos taken while they are still being taken, thus enabling better results. At the beginning some “corrections” seem strange. Thus skin tones and similar details are easily falsified by the AI. However, the technology should be capable of learning in the broadest sense, which should lead to ever better results over time.

A particularly positive feature is the zoom function, which differs significantly from the zoom function of other smartphone cameras. According to the manufacturer, all three cameras always work together when zooming, which should lead to a more realistic, more stable shot. In fact, the image stabilization is very impressive even at maximum zoom. Of course, professional cameras achieve better results. But the P20 Pro definitely stands out from other smartphones.

Night shots, however, are the camera’s greatest strength. Shooting in the dark is really great. Even the iPhone X and Pixel 2 are surpassed by far in night shots. The image stabilization of the Huawei P20 Pro also helps in this case, as a result of which the images from the wrist can be exposed much longer.

Only shortcoming: Video recordings are not particularly intoxicating. The quality is good, but not more. While the photos can actually put all other smartphone cameras in the shade, the camera does not stand out in videos.

All photos you can download here also again in the original uncompressed.

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