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Huawei P40 Pro – Does Android work without Google?

It has been a while since the USA imposed a trade ban on Huawei. But so far this whole debacle has not improved. Therefore Huawei has thought of a way to distribute their phones outside of China – and this way does not include Google services. Whether it is still worth buying a new Huawei device and whether the P40 Pro is worth considering even without the Google services, I will clarify in this review.

Workmanship and design

On the P40 Pro, Huawei has an even more rimless design than the competition. In addition to the rounded sides, the upper and lower edges of the display of this smartphone are also rounded.

Personally, I’m a fan of gesture control in Android, so I really like the rounded edges. This makes the operation look even more immersive. Below this is also the in-display fingerprint sensor.

The P40 Pro with its packaging

However, I find that the placement of the front camera somewhat counteracts this design philosophy, as Huawei decided to use an array of two cameras in one punchhole. In addition to the two cameras, there is also technology for Face-Unlock built in. I think it would have been better to do without that, because there is also a fingerprint sensor under the display. Then you could make the design of the front even more futuristic by choosing a smaller punchhole like on the Xiaomi Mi 10 or by installing the whole thing in a pop-up system like on a OnePlus 7T.

Otherwise I like the design of the P40 Pro very much. As with all other Huawei flagships, there is nothing wrong with the workmanship. The two glass halves are connected by an aluminum frame. On the back side, Huawei has based the design of the camera element on the 2020-typical rectangular camera module and has also arranged their cameras in such a module, but with some of their own Huawei charm.

The P40 Pro that was provided to me came in the color “Midnight Black”, a very reflective black. Besides that there are also the colors “Blush Gold” and “Silver Frost”, which I like very much because the glass on the back is matt. The light is reflected in a unique way, which I have never seen on any other smartphone before.

Even though the P40 Pro is a full 6.6 inches tall, it looks a little bit handier to me compared to other “big” smartphones, I don’t know exactly what the reason is, but for example a OnePlus 8 Pro with 6.78 inches looks even bigger to me. So if you are not a fan of very clunky phones, you might want to keep this in mind.

Hardware and Specsheet


Display 16.71 cm (6.58 inch) OLED
Resolution: 1 200 x 2 640 pixels (441 ppi)
Operating system Android 10
Surface: EMUI 10
CPU Huawei, Octa-Core (64 Bit)
1st CPU: Kirin 990 5G (Cortex-A76), 2 x 2.86 GHz
2nd CPU: Kirin 990 5G (Cortex-A76), 2 x 2.36 GHz
3rd CPU: Kirin 990 5G (Cortex-A55), 4 x 1.95 GHz
Memory 8 GB RAM
256 GB memory
Expandable by Dual-SIM-Hybrid-Slot, Nano-Memory-Card up to 256 GB
Battery 4200 mAh
Connectivity EDGE, HSPA+ (42.00 MBit/s), LTE (1 400.00 MBit/s), 5G, WLAN, Bluetooth
SIM card type: eSIM, Nano-SIM
Mobile radio (MHz) GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
UMTS 800, 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100
LTE (belts)
  • Europe: 700 (28), 800 (20), 900 (8), 1500 (32), 1800 (3), 2100 (1), 2500 (41), 2600 (7, 38)
  • USA: 700 (12, 17), 850 (5, 26), 900 (8), 1700 (4), 1800 (3), 1900 (2), 2100 (1), 2500 (41)
  • Asia: 700 (28), 850 (18, 19), 900 (8), 1800 (3), 1900 (39), 2100 (1), 2300 (40), 2500 (41)
5G (tapes)
  • Europe: 700 (28), 1800 (3), 2100 (1), 2600 (7, 38, 41), 3500 (78), 3700 (77), 4700 (79)
  • USA: 1800 (3), 2100 (1), 2600 (41), 3500 (78), 3700 (77), 4700 (79)
  • Asia: 700 (28), 1800 (3), 2100 (1), 2600 (41), 3500 (78), 3700 (77), 4700 (79)
Main camera Quad camera: 50.0 megapixel + 12.0 megapixel + 10.0 megapixel + 0.4 megapixel
Front camera Dual camera: 32.0 Megapixel
Dimensions 158.2 mm x 72.6 mm x 9.0 mm
Weight 209.0 g
More functions
    • waterproof (IP68)
    • NFC
    • wireless charging


The Huawei P40 Pro offers the typical flagship features known from Huawei. This includes the latest in-house Kirin 990 5G SoC and 8 GB RAM as the heart of the phone. So that this does not run out of juice, a 4200 mAh battery is available. In addition, the P40 Pro offers 256 GB fast UFS 3.0 memory for apps, photos, etc.

Kirin 990 5G

Thanks to the 90 Hz refresh rate that Huawei has given the P40 Pro, this theoretical performance can be easily transformed into a fluid and responsive user experience.

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