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Kolink Citadel Review – Classic Mini Tower with Plenty of Space

Exterior Impression

Externally, Kolink is relying more on a restrained design for the Citadel. The front element is completely made of plastic and can be pulled off with a strong pull to the front. So that the pre-installed front fan can transport fresh air into the interior, there is a mesh strip on the left side of the front panel, which also serves as a dust filter. On the right side unfortunately no further fan grille was attached. We’ll see later whether this will pay off in the company.

If one raises the view, then the large fan opening in the lid catches one’s eye directly. In addition to mounting rails for radiators and fans, it also has a magnetic dust filter made of mesh. The I/O panel is also located in the cover. Available here are three USB ports (1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0), 1x headphones and 1x microphone, 1x power and 2x reset. The cables for the reset button are soldered together inside the housing.

The left side part consists of 4 mm thick tempered glass and is tinted. Four flat knurled screws are used for fastening. The right side panel is made of steel and is attached to the body with two normal knurled screws.

If you place the case on its “back”, you can easily inspect the underside. But there is not much to see here. As with all other housings, Kolink uses a simple mesh grid for the dust filter for the power supply, which is held in place by metal straps. To ensure that the power supply also gets enough air, the manufacturer has equipped the underside with four silver plastic feet. These look chic and stable.

Bottom side

The back corresponds to the usual standard of current mini towers. The power supply unit is mounted at the bottom, above it there are four slots for PCI expansion cards. These are unfortunately to break out and Kolink only adds a badly painted metal replacement panel. Finally, the second pre-installed case fan can be found on the back.

The external processing is basically in order. There are no sharp edges and, with the exception of the PCI slot diaphragm, no paint defects. Even without side panels, the body is very stable and torsion-resistant.

Internal Impression

Like the exterior of the Kolink Citadel, the interior of this mini tower is very conservatively designed. The manufacturer also remains true to the two-chamber system at Citadel and is thus following a trend that has existed for some time.

The chambers are separated by a cover that runs through the entire lower area of the tower. Above the cover there is space for the mainboard and the expansion cards. In addition, the tray and power supply cover were equipped with openings for CPU cooler mounting and cable management. Two 2.5″ SSDs can also be displayed to the right of the mainboard. The Citadel allows a total of three 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans to be installed in the front so that sufficient cool air can be transported into the interior.

Let us now turn to the back and the lower chamber. The power supply unit and two further hard disks are accommodated in this. Kolink uses a riveted hard disk cage to accommodate two 3.5″ HDDs. Since the hard disks touch the hard disk cage directly with one side, there will be no decoupling. With certain frames that are not included in the scope of delivery, two 2.5″ data carriers can also be accommodated here. The power supply unit is located to the right of the HDD cage and rests uncoupled on normal steel stand-offs.

The interior processing is fine for the desired price class. The paintwork has no noticeable flaws and there are no sharp edges to cut yourself on. Only the material thickness could be somewhat higher in places.

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