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Kolink Refine RGB – Midi-Tower with RGB, Tempered Glass and Real Aluminium

Exterior Impression

With the Refine Kolink relies externally rather on understatement. The front element is dominated by a large smooth surface of genuine brushed aluminium. This is not only very chic but is not a matter of course in this price range. At the corners, the aluminium is slightly bent and runs in the direction of the side parts. Kolink has large ventilation slots on the left and right sides of the front element. If the front is removed, a magnetic dust filter and mounting rails for fans in 120 or 140 format are revealed.

If you raise your eyes and look at the lid section, you can also see a large fan opening and a magnetic mesh dust filter. Before the fan opening, the manufacturer has fixed the I/O panel. Here, too, there is a small special feature for the desired price. Besides the typical ports like 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, 1x microphone and 1x headset, the Refine even has a USB 3.1 Type-C port. When checking the internal plugs, however, the first disillusionment comes. The USB Type C port also only has an internal USB 3.0 header. If you don’t have a motherboard with two internal USB 3.0 headers, you can’t connect all front I/O ports.

The right side part of the refine is completely made of steel and appears sufficiently stable. By using knurled screws and a pull-out aid the disassembly of the sidepanel should be made easier. The left side part consists of a four millimetre thick glass (Tempered Glass) and has practical hinges with which it can be easily opened. To prevent this from happening unintentionally, there are two flat knurled screws in the front area that hold the panel in place. For the installation of all components the side panel can also be completely removed if required.

The Midi Tower stands on four solid plastic feet. For the protection of sensitive surfaces and for decoupling these feet were additionally provided with a rubber strip. The power supply to be positioned on the ground is protected by a fine and easy to remove fabric filter. Otherwise there are no further characteristics at the underside which are noteworthy.

The same applies to the back. Here you can find everything you might expect from a normal sized midi tower. The power supply is mounted at the bottom. Above there are seven PCI slot apertures. Typical for Kolink housings these bezels are unfortunately not reusable and have to be broken out before installing the mainboard. Finally, the only pre-installed fan with a frame width of 120 millimeters should be mentioned here.

The general processing quality and paintwork are borderline. Sometimes the material is relatively thin and the paintwork is very rough everywhere. For a price of € 69.90* the processing must definitely be better.

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KOLINK Refine RGB Midi-Tower - PC-Gehäuse - Tempered Glass Seitenfenster - schwarz price comparison

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