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Kolink Refine RGB – Midi-Tower with RGB, Tempered Glass and Real Aluminium

Internal Impression

Kolink remains true to its previous design for the interior. If you’ve already read one or two of the Kolink reviews on this blog, you’ll notice that the interior or body is identical to that of the Kolink Levante or Horizon. This leads to a modern division into two chambers by a power supply cover.

In the upper area, the mainboard, graphics cards and air coolers or water coolers are placed. To ensure optimal airflow, there are no drive bays or other disturbing elements behind the optional front fans. All around the mainboard there are appropriately dimensioned cable management openings in the mainboard tray. The lower area is completely covered by a power supply cover. This was also equipped with cable management openings.

Let us now turn to the back of the interior. Below the power supply cover there is a hard disk cage for two 3.5″ HDDs and of course the mounting place for the power supply. Unfortunately, the hard disk cage has no decoupling mechanisms and cannot be removed. The stand-offs for the power supply are also made of steel and have no rubber strips. SSDs can only be attached directly to the mainboard tray in the refine. Here the mounting takes place over a large steel plate.

Also the processing in the interior shows weaknesses. The paintwork is also very rough and the material is very thin in some places. For example, the mainboard tray or the power supply cover can be moved visibly with a finger. But fortunately there are no sharp edges in the refine.

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