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Langogo Genesis – AI Language Translator Review

The Device in Detail

The Langogo Genesis looks a bit like a futuristic smartphone concept. The rounded glass pane, which covers the display, makes sure this is the case. As usual, however, this is rectangular. As an additional optical signal, there is also a green LED at the top of the device that visualizes a running recording.

The body of the Genesis is also rounded at the sides and, with a thickness of around 13 mm, is anything but narrow. Nevertheless, the device fits very well in the hand. The Genesis has three control elements: a volume rocker and the power button on the left, the translation button on the right. The translator is charged via a Type C interface, which can also be used to connect headphones. Normally, the sound is output via the loudspeakers on the rear.

The Genesis is made of either black or white plastic, which forms the complete body. This lies comfortably in the hand, but the quality of workmanship is slightly compromised: The back cover creaks when pressed, and the connections of the individual covers are stable, but not perfectly finished.


If the Genesis is started for the first time, the setup follows. Simply enter the system language and the WLAN key for the desired network, then you can use the device. We recommend to leave it alone for a short time, because after a short time we already received a system update that changed the menu and added some functions.

That the request was made in Chinese, however, is a bug that hopefully was fixed with the current version. There are also some inconsistencies in the menu texts in German. The language “French”, for example, is called “France”.

Internally, Android runs on the translator, but in practice there is hardly any evidence of it. Langogo has written its own UI, which is supposed to be particularly simple. In return, users have to do without some options and possibilities, for example the device has no home or back button. Also, the sound that is played every time the screen interacts cannot yet be deactivated in the options.

The Genesis is absolutely simple to use, as it is urgently required for communication between two people. When the translation key is pressed, the device starts recording. If you release it, the recording is analysed, assigned to one of the two languages to be translated and translated into the other language.

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Langogo Genesis AI Sprachübersetzer mit 105 Sprac
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