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Langogo Genesis – AI Language Translator Review

Translation and the Language Assistant Euri

The Genesis uses for its translations almost exclusively on the Internet. For this reason there is an integrated eSIM and a SIM slot. Without an Internet connection, you can currently only translate between Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English, but at least with a functioning voice output.

With an active Internet connection, the number of available languages increases rapidly. Langogo itself speaks more than 70 languages, in reality there are 45 languages due to different language variants – for example 14 variations of Arabic. But even with these you should be able to cope well worldwide. Currently only 30 of the languages are supported by voice output, the remaining translations are only displayed on the screen.

The translation itself leaves us ambivalent. In many situations, speech recognition works well, but sometimes the translator doesn’t really want to understand us or swallows words. Also, the missing context can quickly cause problems for the translator: In a direct comparison, some translations are strikingly similar to those of DeepL, but there you can add a context to the sentence via the subsequent word selection and thus perfect the translation. The Langogo Genesis doesn’t have this option, which can lead to mistranslations of ambiguous words. These can usually be recognized, but this is associated with a certain amount of mental work.

Even with lighter sentences and idioms, the translator can still reach his limits at the moment, so that the content can be understood, but the grammar leaves something to be desired. So a “good night, dream something sweet” becomes a “good sleep dream something sweet” in Russian. It also happened in some languages that the translation did not work at all: A “Guten Tag” in Polish also becomes a “Guten Tag”, which is also read out by the German speaker.

However, we must praise the speech output: it is largely natural and easy to understand. You also have the choice of whether you want to use a female or male speaker. Of course, there is still a lot missing for a real person, but the emphasis is as correct as possible, and questions can also be easily recognized by the speech rhythm. If you want to ask questions, however, you should give the translator a hint: If you say “question mark” at the end of a sentence, the Genesis marks the sentence as a question, otherwise he cannot recognize such a question.

In addition to the normal language translator, the Genesis also offers a language assistant called Euri, which must always be activated in the menu. Unfortunately, the functionality of the assistant is very limited, it can hardly answer questions. With us, only the output of the weather and the currency calculator worked, but the voice output of the two positions of the currency is often reversed. However, the advertised search for nearby places does not work. In addition, the assistant can currently only be used in English and Chinese, which is questionable in view of its main function as a translator.

Finally, it can be said that the Langogo Genesis enables worldwide communication, as long as one is willing to briefly think about the real meaning of the translated text and an Internet connection is available. The Euri language assistant, on the other hand, we cannot recommend at present – the range of functions is far too small for that.

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