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Langogo Genesis – AI Language Translator Review


Langogo’s AI-language translator “Genesis” is an exciting device, but with the current price of Price not available* it’s not a bargain either.

In return, users get a translator who doesn’t offer perfect translations, but at least enables rudimentary communication with almost everyone worldwide. However, this requires an Internet connection, and the internal memory of the device is probably too small to expand the range of offline languages.

In principle, the Langogo Genesis is an exciting product, but it has a very limited purpose – after all, you can usually communicate well in English. Regions in which this is not the case, on the other hand, may often have problems with Internet access.

We see potential for improvement, however, especially in the Genesis concept itself: The functions that the device currently offers could be completely covered by a smartphone app. The different microphones of smartphones would indeed be a problem for speech recognition, but this could be solved by a separate microphone module. Also the Genesis is quite limited in its range of functions, for example you cannot enter text or scan – the latter will never be possible with this device due to the lack of a camera.

The bottom line is that we see the Genesis primarily as a gadget for those interested: The translator is definitely an impressive technical gadget, but it can’t yet realize the illusion of the “perfect translator”. After all: With the last system update we have already added some improvements to the translation, so we can only hope that Langogo will continuously improve the capabilities of the Genesis and eliminate existing bugs in the software.

Hint: With the voucher “basictu1” you can save 10 percent on Amazon when buying the device. The voucher is valid until 30.09.2019.

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Langogo Genesis AI Sprachübersetzer mit 105 Sprac
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