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Langogo Summit – What can the new AI language translator do?

Since Langogo ventured into the market with the Genesis two years ago, two more AI language translators from the company have come onto the market. The newer of the two models, called “Summit”, is here in our test.

Like the Genesis, the Summit came about through an Indiegogo campaign. The developers were able to collect a total of 85,792 euros last October to bring the device to market. This has also happened in the meantime: The Summit was delivered to backers at the end of December, and it is now also available in stores. Amazon currently offers the device for € 399.00* [review time: 450 €].

Not too much has changed in the concept since the Genesis. The Summit is also supposed to be an AI speech translator including speech recognition, which has a smartphone-like format. But what has changed, and what the new speech translator can do, we clarify below.

Technical data (manufacturer specifications) & Scope of delivery

Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 13 mm
Weight: 115 g
Screen: 4.0″, IPS
Memory: 32 GB
Battery capacity: 3250 mAh
Camera: 8 MP
Operating time: 10 h
Connectivity: Bluetooth, WLAN, eSIM, microSIM, USB-C
Price: € 399.00*

In addition to the Summit itself, Langogo also includes some instructions, a key for the SIM card tray, and a 1.0m USB-C cable.

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Langogo Summit AI Professioneller Übersetzungsgerät Online Sprachübersetzer Kamera/Foto-Übersetzer mit Aufnahme Texttranskriptionen Simultanübersetzung Modus, kompatibel mit TWS Bluetooth Kopfhörer price comparison

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