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Lexip B5 RGB Mouse Pad Review: Hard Shell, Colorful Core?

The French manufacturer Lexip Gaming can look back on a successful Kickstarter campaign, which was primarily intended to promote the development of a revolutionary gaming mouse. Just under 300,000 euros from over 2,600 supporters later, the Lexip Pu94 gaming mouse and the Lexip B5 gaming mouse pad are available on the market.

This article will focus on the mouse pad, which is of course equipped with RGB LED lighting. For around 40 euros, that doesn’t sound so uninteresting. What the mousepad can do and how it does, you can find out in this test.

Many products can already be recognized from the packaging what quality one can expect. The Lexip B5 gaming mouse pad comes in a flat cardboard box with a stylish design and all the important specifications in six languages on the back. The mouse pad is securely packed inside the packaging in a kind of foam inlay and is attractively presented. A manual is also included, which can be found under the mouse pad. The Unboxing was therefore a good first impression.

Design and Workmanship

The Lexip B5 gaming mouse pad measures 350 x 250 x 4 mm (W x D x H) in average size and consists of a stable plastic material with an integrated metal structure for high resistance. The smooth surface has an interesting structure, which is primarily designed for high sensitivity, but should also offer good precision.

The general design of the mouse pad is relatively simple. The form is classic rectangular and provided at the upper edge with the connection terminal for the power cable. An RGB illumination is also on board in the form of a logo in the lower right corner as well as an LED strip running around the mouse pad.

The connection terminal for the cable is located in the middle of the upper edge of the mouse pad. It is very stable and makes a high-quality impression. Directly underneath, on the surface of the mouse pad, there is a touch-sensitive fingerprint, with which the illumination can be adjusted comfortably.

Of course, the mouse pad has rubberized feet on the underside to ensure a secure and stable stand.

The rest of the workmanship makes a solid impression. As you can see on the picture, there are also some minor workmanship errors, which look relatively unattractive.

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