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Lian Li PC-T60B: A Benchtable on the Test Bench

Structure and Optics

The Lian Li PC-T60B comes as mentioned before completely in single parts and has to be assembled by yourself. After unpacking, you are confronted with a total of 17 individual parts. A look into the instructions brought the first small disillusionment. The manual is written in several languages and Lian Li has listed all screws and parts clearly, but the individual steps of the assembly were documented only with very small black and white photos and some text. This made the entrance a bit more difficult, because you couldn’t see exactly in which orientation a component had to be fastened. The assembly of the benchtable took about 45 minutes. After all, all components are well processed and deburred. Furthermore, all elements are painted black, the aluminium was brushed afterwards. This looks very appealing, but is somewhat sensitive to fingerprints.

Completely assembled, the Benchtable theoretically consists of two main elements. The first main element is the frame including Lian-Li lettering and a practical handle. The power supply unit and three hard disks can then be mounted in a hard disk cage at the bottom of the frame.

The second main element is placed between this frame. This is the mainboard tray. This mainboard carriage has an opening for the backplate of large CPU coolers, nine mounting points for the spacers and a mounting frame to which expansion cards can be screwed. Lian Li has attached the silver power and reset buttons to the front. Fortunately all cables are completely black. In the front right area of the mainboard tray there are also five openings for a separately purchasable front panel. But considering the price of € 108.75, Lian Li could have included this I/O panel.

A total of two 5.25″ drives and two 2.5″ HDDs can be attached to the underside of the mainboard tray. In addition, the upper main element can be removed or moved forwards or backwards after removing four knurled screws. A total of three different positions are possible here.

SSD-holding frame

All in all, the workmanship and painting of the individual parts is at a very high level. All components and screws are manufactured to an exact fit and of a very high quality.

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