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Lian Li PC-T60B: A Benchtable on the Test Bench

System Construction in Lian Li PC-T60B

Now we come to system installation. As hardware I use a Intel Xeon 1230v3 on a Gigabyte H87M-D3H with 16 GB RAM. The Xeon is represented by a LC-Power Cosmo Cool LC-CC-120 cooled. An HD 7850 2GB from Asus is responsible for the image output. The power supply does the non-modular be quiet! pure power with 400W.

The assembly of the system was completed quickly and did not cause any problems. Only the wiring had to be a bit more difficult, at least if it should look a bit tidier. The main problem here is that the mainboard tray does not have any openings for cable management. Only two openings in the tray would have been sufficient to better wire the system. Due to the black body and the completely black cables the whole look is better than expected.

The spacers are painted black and could be turned in very easily because the threads were reworked after the painting. Should there be any problems, Lian Li has enclosed a small wrench to tighten the spacers completely.

In the lower area of the PC-T60B, the power supply unit and hard disks are mounted in 3.5″ format. For decoupling, both the power supply unit and the holding points for the large hard disks have rubber elements. Although these elements serve their purpose quite well, a complete decoupling of the hard disk does not take place.

Above the power supply there are two breakpoints for drives in 5.25″ format. If you want to screw them together on both sides, it is important that the holding frames are first screwed to the drive and only then to the mainboard tray. Otherwise, only a one-sided screw connection is possible.

Behind the left drive slot for the DVD burner is the holder frame for two SSDs or small hard disks in 2.5″ format. In order to keep the connections of all data carriers close together, the Crucial MX200 and the Toshiba HDD were mounted with the connections towards the front. This has made it more difficult to attach the cables, but improves the overall look as the cables can be laid more hidden.

Wiring Disk

If the PC-T60B is to be equipped with a USB 3.0 I/O panel or a frame for a 240 mm radiator, additional money must be invested. For the radiator frames approx. 15 € and for the I/O-Panel 18 € due.

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