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Linksys Velop: Mesh System for WLAN Even in the Back Corner

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Setting up the Linksys Velop Mesh system is extremely simple, as each individual installation step is explained in the app. You can see the exact procedure in the picture gallery.

The Linksys Velop Mesh system works both in combination with a modem and an upstream router. To set up your Mesh System, you need a user account, which has to be created online, with which you can access the Mesh System from anywhere via the Internet.

There is a Bluetooth LE function that is intended for configuration via the app. This feature works absolutely smoothly in our test. However, according to the English technology website Ars Technica, connection problems can occur with pure modems. For example, the error message “Connection not recognized” appears again and again in the Linksys app for affected users. In this case this problem can only be solved by manually deactivating the mobile data on your mobile phone. However, this problem does not affect all modems Velop is connected to.

Unfortunately, each node has to be added individually, which makes the installation very lengthy. Especially if they still need updates.

The app is very well designed in itself, offers a lot of options and a lot of tips to help you benefit from an ultra-fast WLAN signal. You can define the WLAN access data during setup.

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