Logitech Ergo K860: Great typing feel thanks to split keypad

For professional frequent writers, the right keyboard is essential. Otherwise, unpleasant overloading of the joints threatens. Thanks to keyboards with a curvature, the strain can be greatly reduced. Logitech has been committed to bringing ergonomic keyboards onto the market for some time now. With the Ergo K860, the expert for PC peripherals is now launching a keyboard that uses the design principle of a curved keyboard.

The special curvature

At first glance, the Ergo K860 appears very unusual. This is due to the special curvature of the keyboard. In the middle of the keypad, the keyboard curves upwards. In contrast to conventional keyboard shapes, the letter keys are not displayed as a block. Instead, they are divided into two individual blocks. Strangely enough, this even affects the space bar.

Ergonomics thanks to curvature

Logitech relies on the curvature of its keyboard for a reason. In fact, the curvature of the keyboard provides the highest level of ergonomics. This way, the user’s hands remain in a natural angled position while typing. An additional palm rest with memory foam is supposed to provide additional comfort and relieve the shoulders and wrists.

Great typing feel and wireless connectivity

Logitech relies on so-called rubber dome switches for its Ergo K860. These are based on a scissor technology. Here Logitech speaks of “Perfect Stroke”. In addition to a great typing feel, this is also intended to ensure the longevity of the keyboard. For example, the keys should be able to survive up to 10,000,000 strokes. Logitech also does without a cable. The Ergo K860 can either be connected via 2.4 GHz radio signal or Bluetooth 5.0. Logitech does not use a rechargeable battery, but relies on the power of two AAA batteries. These should allow a runtime of up to two years.

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Price and availability

So far, only the market launch in the USA is certain. There the keyboard should be available from February this year. The RRP is expected to be 130 USD.

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