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Long Awaited and Finally Here: Kingdom Hearts III Review

Kingdom Hearts is a franchise with history. As the title Kingdom Hearts III already suggests, this game is the eleventh part of an already old game series loved by the fans.

If you look here – due to the small size – over 0.2 and everything what “X” has in the name, so with Dream Drop Distance 2012 the last part of the series has appeared. And as always, when you have to wait for something: The longer it takes, the greater the expectations. In this report you can find out how well the latest part of the Disney-Final Fantasy-Crossover does justice to this.

Perfect franchise entry point?

As already mentioned, this is not the first Kingdom Hearts game. Of course, the question arises: Is Kingdom Hearts III suitable as an entry point into the series?

To be honest, that’s very hard to answer when you’ve played the previous parts. Kingdom Hearts in itself has a rather complicated plot that has filled the Internet with probably more flow charts than any other franchise in the last seventeen years.

The game itself explains a lot of what happened in the last parts, especially the actions of various spinoffs. But in a way that doesn’t get on the nerves of veteran veterans like me. On the contrary, it seems relatively lively, since it happens in dialogues. The characters tell others what has happened, or roll up the past themselves, in order to draw conclusions for the present.

You can’t understand the story down to the last detail. On the whole, however, one should climb through. Especially since the game provides one with a glossary of important terms and recap movies of previous games. However, you have to keep in mind that Kingdom Hearts is very much based on the emotional bonds the player builds with the characters. If you don’t have this bond, of course some scenes miss their effect.

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