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LucidSound LS15P – Wireless headset for PS5/PS4/PC in test

Microphone and sound quality

The LS15P has not one, but two microphones. In addition to the clip-on microphone, another one is integrated in the left ear cup, recognizable by the small hole in the front. As expected, the recording quality is significantly worse than that of the boom microphone, but it is sufficient for short conversations in a quiet environment.

The clip-on microphone did a good job in the test, but turned out to be quite quiet. Unfortunately, the voice quality is, like in most wireless headsets, noticeably worse than in wired ones, but the voice was still always clear and well understandable for the caller. Very little of the background noise was audible. A red LED ring on the microphone also shows whether it is currently on or off.

The sound quality left an all-around good impression, but unfortunately there is a slight hiss from the ground up when the audio pauses. Whether in conversations, podcasts, music or games, the sound image was convincing. We did not notice any major weaknesses and the bass was also appropriate at all times. The two additional equalizer settings disappointed us a bit. The bass boost was sometimes more and sometimes less convincing. In some situations the difference was well noticeable, in other situations it was very slight, even if you paid close attention to the bass. The Signature Sound mode, which is supposed to emphasize the sounds of steps while playing, worked a bit better in return. The difference was permanently audible here, the details were emphasized, but not enormously. Locating enemies in games, for example, was generally possible.

Our impression was much worse when using the notebook with a cable. A lot of sound is lost here and the range of functions is also limited. The controls and the EQ do not work, so we only recommend it in exceptional situations.

If we assume the intended use of a wireless headset, i.e. without a cable, the LS15P has a good to very good microphone and a good sound overall. In terms of sound quality, you definitely won’t go wrong with the LucidSound LS15P on the one hand, but in our opinion, you can expect an even more refined and detailed sound at a price of €100 on the other.

The battery lasted sufficiently long with 15 hours. From about 2.5 hours before it is empty, a voice keeps informing us of the low battery state, unfortunately at intervals of only a few minutes. We would have liked a USB-C port for charging, since Micro-USB is not really up-to-date anymore, especially in the upper price range.

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