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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Razer Huntsman Elite Reviewed

With the Razer Huntsman keyboard series, Razer has recently launched two new mechanical keyboards – the Razer Huntsman and the Razer Huntsman Elite. Both keyboard variants are designed for gamers and have new switches, the so-called “opto-mechanical switches”, which were developed by Razer.

Scope of Delivery

Depending on which of the keyboards you get, you can expect a different scope of delivery. The Razer Huntsman Elite includes a comfortable palm rest in addition to the keyboard, which is omitted in the cheaper version. The media buttons in the upper right corner as well as the underbody lighting in the cheaper version of the Razer Huntsman are also omitted.


The design of the mechanical keyboard matches the other products from the house of the big peripheral giant. Like most peripheral devices, this one comes in a matching black color. The special thing about the keyboard for me are the stylish multimedia keys, which you can find in the upper right corner. With a knob you can easily turn your music louder and quieter.

There is also a knob on the knob that lets you completely mute your sound. Once you have muted your sound, this will also be shown on the knob’s keyboard, because the knob will then have a red background.

Since the multimedia keys occupy the entire upper space, the status LEDs of “Num-Lock”, “Scroll-Lock” and “Caps-Lock” have been moved using the arrow keys. I had to get used to it personally and rarely notice it if I accidentally activated the Caps-Lock button.
In the dark, the design or the illumination of the keyboard comes into its own. With the backlighting of the keyboard and the illumination of the keys, the keyboard looks really chic.


The case and wrist-rest of the Razer Huntsman Elite are made of matt aluminium, which ensures high stability compared to other keyboards. In addition, the palm rest is covered with imitation leather and is simply attached to the keyboard by a magnet. Thus, longer gaming sessions are much more comfortable than with other palm rests that are only made of plastic or plastic.

In addition, Razer’s mechanical gaming keyboard features proprietary opto-mechanical switches with a metal key stabilizer on both sides. A built-in light barrier in the opto-mechanical switch significantly reduces the triggering time.

Here you can find a table showing the differences between Razer’s opto-mechanical switches and other mechanical switches:

Opto-Mechanical Switch from Razer Clicking standard mechanical switch
Trigger Method Optical Metal contact point
Trigger force 45 g 50 – 60 g
Trigger point 1.5 mm 2.0 mm – 2.2 mm
Life time 100 million Trips 50 million Trips
Stability Cross shaft with stabilizers Cross shank
Tip feeling Light and click Tactile and clicking
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Razer Huntsman Elite Mechanische Gaming Tastatur (mit Opto-Mechanical Schaltern, Multifunktionaler Digitaler Drehregler, RGB Chroma Beleuchtung, QWERTZ-Layout) price comparison

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