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Mechanical keyboard in flat – Cooler Master SK630 under test

Flat keyboards are more than frowned upon in the gaming community because they are often so-called chiclet keyboards. Reason enough for Cooler Master to turn this fact upside down. And indeed: the Taiwanese manufacturer of peripherals has immediately stirred up the market with a whole three-part series.

The smallest (SK621) as well as the largest (SK650) of these we have already had in test and were convinced by quality, good workmanship and innovation. Now we’re curious to see if the middle-sized keyboard sibling will be of the same caliber – although we strongly assume that it will be, since the same design awaits us, only it has a more limited keyboard field than the SK650, but a larger one than the SK621.

We have the white model, with light grey brushed aluminium, available for testing, but the Cooler Master SK630 is also available in black. Let’s see what this little one can do!

Technical data

Keyboard type mechanical
Key switch type Cherry MX RGB Low Profile
Material aluminum, plastic
Scanning rate 1000 Hz
Microcontroller 32-bit ARM Cortex M3
Onboard memory 512 kB
On-the-Fly-System For multimedia, macro recording and RGB control
Cable connection USB Type C
Cable length 1.8 m, braided
Multimedia buttons With FN key
Rollover technology 6-button rollover, anti-ghosting
Dimension 353 x 125.5 x 29.8 mm
Weight 840 g
Colors Gunmetal Black, Silver White
Price € 94.89*

Outside appearance vs. size comparison to the other SK keyboards

The SK630 dispenses with the Num-Block, in keeping with the tenkeyless approach. Thus, Enter, Plus, Minus, Mal, Split, Comma and the Num numbers are omitted. For most gamers this is not relevant, because most of the finger work is done around the keys W, A, S and D.

However, if you would like to use the SK630 in the office, you should determine beforehand to what extent the Num-Block is necessary for your daily work. Bookkeepers* and bankers* should rather keep their hands off this model and fall back on the larger Cooler Master SK650. Regardless of this, Cooler Master advertises the fact that the SK630 is designed for both gaming and the office.

This statement mainly refers to the keyboard’s appearance, since it doesn’t look like the typical gaming keyboards. Large, curved keycaps, separate media and G keys, ergonomic palm rests, as well as a lot of space between the individual keys are not to be found on the SK630. But that’s exactly why it’s suitable for the office, as it doesn’t look too ostentatious, but elegant throughout.

The brushed aluminum surface in dark gray and the flat double-shot key caps ensure this. The icing on the cake is the RGB lighting, but we’ll get to that later in our review.

What particularly appeals to us, and we already had that with the SK621, is the compact and above all flat design. So it’s a keyboard that you can quickly pack away if you want to go to the next LAN party or to the office mentioned several times.

All in all, the SK630 (or rather the whole series) is really something. It radiates a noble charm, so that the keyboard is a real eye-catcher in every setup despite its size. From our point of view, Cooler Master has already succeeded in the design and construction part very well.

By the way, the keyboard is connected via a detachable USB cable, which is connected to USB-C on the keyboard. Very commendable.

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Cooler Master SK630 Tastatur, schwarz price comparison

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