Microsoft: Functions of Office 365 are partially limited

As has now been announced, Microsoft has limited some functions in its “Office 365” program. The Group did not do this without reason. Due to the increasing number of people working in the home office, the number of users of Office 365 has also risen. By eliminating some functions, Microsoft wants to create new capacity. These will be used for the “Teams” tool.

Office 365 was overstrained

Of course, Microsoft does not limit the functions of Office without reason. At the beginning of the week there were serious problems with the new tool “Teams”. This tool is used for cooperation between different people. Teams sometimes had problems logging in and sending important messages. The overload is due to the Coronavirus. As more and more companies are sending their employees to the home office, teams are increasingly used at present. Since Microsoft is aware of this, the company had to find a solution as quickly as possible. Of course, the focus at present is on providing active support for people in the home office. However, in order for the collaboration tool to work properly, other functions had to be removed or limited. Microsoft refers to the affected cuts as “not necessarily essential” parts of Office 365. .

Microsoft has pointed this out to the users

With the restrictions Microsoft plays with open cards. So the company sent a message to the Office 365 administrators. This message can be viewed in the Admin Center of the application. Here you can see in detail which functions were restricted. In particular, the resolution of the displayed video is reduced during video conferences. Microsoft also wants to check more irregularly whether a participant in a conference is currently active at all. The company from Redmond is of the opinion that users will not feel any significant influence on their work as a result of the restrictions. Nevertheless, Microsoft wants to communicate the restrictions openly. Furthermore, Microsoft keeps further restrictions open. If the problem persists, further reductions are possible. However, if it does occur, Microsoft would like to communicate that as well.

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