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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord: What lasts long will finally become Early Access


In terms of graphics, Bannerlord makes a huge leap forward from its predecessor, but it can’t really compete with modern AAA titles. Nevertheless, it can be said that Bannerlord is visually appealing and quite sufficient for the genre – at least most of the time. With the newly developed engine Taleworlds finally uses a quite high-resolution mixture of the usual texture maps (Lighting, Normal, Displacement etc.), which makes many objects look quite realistic. We consider the nature representation to be especially well done: A wide view into the greenery makes Bannerlord look quite nice.

However, the game has to struggle especially with the transitions between different objects, a fluctuating texture resolution and some flickering textures. In addition, the characters in the game could still use a reworking: Of course, in a game like Bannerlord not every character should look like a smooth actor, but often the random character generation still gets out of hand.

Some people, for example, have consistently closed their eyes, which makes them slide deep into Uncanny Valley. Moreover, the characters lack scars and similar disfigurements, which would give them a slightly higher recognition value. However, Taleworlds has already started to make improvements, so you are already aware of the problem. Besides, there were already the first mods in the release week, which dealt with this point.

In keeping with the early access, there are currently also some graphic errors in the game: Apart from the obligatory clipping problems, we were able to find incorrectly displayed textures in the course of the game. Sometimes the lightmap is missing, sometimes the whole texture and in some places the normal map looked through. But all these errors are not serious, since they occur quite rarely. Moreover, they were definitely to be expected in an early-access title, and for this situation Bannerlord does quite well here.

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