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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord: What lasts long will finally become Early Access


For our performance short test we used a system consisting of a Ryzen 7 3700X, 32 GB RAM and a Sapphire R9 380 Nitro with 4 GB. In doing so, we separately considered the CPU limit (minimum graphic details, 480p) and the GPU limit (maximum graphic details, 1080p) in a battle with 500 soldiers and the game’s overview map.

In the CPU limit, Bannerlord is not overly demanding in terms of the CPU, if you avoid extremely large battles: In battle we reach about 95 FPS with a RAM usage of 2.4 GB and a CPU usage of maximum 60%. Bannerlord uses many cores, but the main tasks are on one core, which seems to slow down the others. In our case this was almost continuously at 100% utilization. Those who want to counteract this can simply reduce the number of units: At the minimum value of 200 players, we reach an average of 200 FPS, where even significantly older computers should still be able to keep up without problems.

A bigger problem for the CPU is the overview map: In this one we also move around 100 FPS, but we also have slumps to around 85 if you zoom out far. It’s almost impossible to counteract this manually, so don’t use your CPU too slowly for the campaign mode. Nevertheless: Every halfway current gaming system of the last five years should be able to conjure up a constant 60 fps on the screen without any problems.

In practice, Bannerlord should be GPU-limited for most players, although the demands are also quite tame here: Even our ancient R9 3890 Nitro still manages an average of around 25 FPS in combat and on the highest details, although there can be rare drops to up to 15 FPS. On the overview map, however, the game is at around 30 to 40 FPS. Thus, every halfway current graphic card is able to conjure Bannerlord in 1080p with 60 fps on the screen without problems – at the latest at slightly reduced details. Modern high-end models shouldn’t have a problem even with UHD.

The bottom line is that Bannerlord should be playable on almost all computers without problems – at the latest when the graphics and unit controls are slightly reduced. Regardless of the settings, there are currently still some lagspikes, but these are rare: In our Playthrough there were only two situations in which the game was significantly affected by them. Fortunately, Taleworlds is already active here and has already eliminated numerous spike causes, and there were also already the first performance optimizations.

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