Mountain Everest: Mechanical high-end keyboard promises modular design

The new hardware brand Mountain promises to offer a high-end mechanical keyboard with the Everest, which will deliver innovative new elements in this area. The Everest is a modular mechanical keyboard that comes with proven Cherry MX switches. The switches can thus be replaced individually as desired. All other large components of the keyboard are also modular.

Mountain Everest: Modular design of the mechanical keyboard

On the one hand, there is the palm rest, which can be magnetically attached and detached from the Mountain Everest. But you can even remove the number pad and the media dock if you want to. The Everest becomes a highly customizable keyboard that you can shape to your liking. The number pad can even be attached to either side of the keyboard, which might be of interest to gamers who want more room for the mouse on the right side of the keyboard and have more hotkeys available on the right.

Above the regular number pad, there are also four special keys with an integrated display. Here you can display various icons for programs and games. The media dock also has a display wheel with which you can adjust various settings. The other buttons have a common RGB lighting, which makes gambling in the dark easier. The Everest is rounded off by a USB 3.2 Gen1 hub.

The top of the Everest’s case has a brushed aluminum finish, while the underside has channels for connecting and routing the cable. Modular magnetic feet are also attached to the underside of the case to ensure the correct angle.

Mountain Everest: Price and availability

The Everest keyboard should not be brought directly onto the market at first. Instead, it was to be financed beforehand through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which started on Tuesday. Fortunately, the financing target of USD 22,322 has already been reached, which means that nothing now stands in the way of Everest’s market launch. The Everest keyboard in the core version without number pad, media dock and wrist-rest should cost 95 Euros. The package includes a 2 m USB type C cable, five additional Cherry MX switches, a Mointain key cap and a suitable tool for removing the key cap and switches. In the complete package with number pad, media dock and wrist-rest, the price should then be 199 Euro.

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