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MSI MAG CH130 X gaming chair in review – what’s behind the racing look?

With the MAG CH130 X, MSI has recently presented another gaming chair that further fuels the growth of the market that can hardly be surveyed anymore. With a price of over 300 Euros, the new chair belongs to the mid-range – and should accordingly have a lot to offer. Whether this is actually the case or whether it is just another run-of-the-mill chair, you can find out in our test report.

Technical data

Color Black
Frame material Steel
Cover Real leather
Seating 52 x 57 cm
Seat height 45.5 to 53.5 cm
Armrest 77.6 to 84.6 cm
Height of the backrest 87 cm
Maximum load 150 kg
Price € 325.94*

Design and workmanship

Delivered the gaming chair is similar to all other gaming chairs. The armrests are already pre-assembled, the rest must be screwed together and set. However, the assembly is done quickly and easily and can be done on your own.

Visually, the built-up gaming chair hardly differs from the standard available on the market: it has a dark sports seat look. The only noticeable details are those incorporated into the seat and the seat cushions, such as the logo that contrasts with the black background in white, the seams that are also white, or the logo incorporated into the lumbar pillow. In addition, a velvet-like material has been used on the top, which is supposed to give the chair a high-quality look. Otherwise, the chair is covered with faux leather. Overall, the materials are well-made. However, we noticed that the backrest and seat are very close to each other (other gaming chairs often have a gap there), so that the two surfaces rub against each other and you can unfortunately also hear this when you move on the chair. However, this should subside after a while, and otherwise you can simply grease the spot.

On the other hand, we noticed the steel reinforcement of the frame more positively, which makes the chair robust and stable. MSI seems to put more emphasis on a high durability here. The same can be said about the casters on which the chair stands: To all appearances, they are quite sturdy models. MSI speaks of extremely durable and reliable anti-scratch wheels – which also corresponds to our impression.

In terms of design and workmanship, the MAG CH130 X thus ultimately leaves an ambivalent impression: an interchangeable yet handsome design meets a less-than-clever choice of materials for the seat, while the frame and feet are impeccable.

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