Alienware: New gaming notebook with ultra-thin mechanical keyboard

Alienware wants to rely on the support of the keyboard expert Cherry for its new gaming notebook. Thus, the original in the field of high-quality mechanical keyboards should also provide a lot of gaming fun for the new laptops of the US gaming experts. The m15 R4 makes a start. It is supposed to show that a mechanical keyboard is also compatible with a flat notebook. The latest Cherry MX keyboard is supposed to make it possible.

Project X

It’s already a notable name that Alienware has chosen for the cooperation with Cherry. The so-called Project X always aimed at reconciling the inimitable feel of a mechanical keyboard with the slim dimensions of a notebook. After all, it is precisely the precise pressure point that has thrilled fans of mechanical keyboards for years. The partnership between Alienware and Cherry has now lasted three years. The result definitely sounds promising. The keyboard’s new ultra-flat mechanical switches are based on the iconic DeLorean sports car known from “Back to the Future”. The focus is on the futuristic gullwing doors of the limited edition vehicle.

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To make the mechanical keys compatible with the flat design of a notebook, Cherry had to work on the height of its already flat switches. The result is switches with an ultra-low profile design. The height of the switches is now just 3.5 mm. Cherry’s experts rely on stainless steel for the mechanical components. The self-cleaning mechanism that has been installed also sounds particularly exciting. Overall, the keyboard in the Alienware notebook is supposed to be able to withstand 15 million strokes per key. Away from the long life, it should be able to score with reliability and stability.

A dream for gamers

Should Alienware and Cherry’s plan work out in the new m15 R4, a dream for gamers should come true. After all, they would finally have found a compromise between mobile PC gaming and a mechanical keyboard without having to hold a clunky notebook in their hands. We don’t have to wait long for the promising gaming notebook. Alienware has announced that the m15 R4 will be launched on March 23 at an MSRP starting at 2,200 Euros.

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