Amazon Echo Dot 4 (with clock)

The success story of Alexa as a smart language assistant began with the Echo Dot. Now Echo Dot is already in its fourth generation. During the presentation by the online mail-order giant, it became clear that a lot has changed visually.

Smart ball with good sound

Amazon has worked hard on the design. The Echo Dot no longer has much in common with the “dot” in its name. The fourth generation of the smart helper is more of a ball. But this is not the only optical innovation. Furthermore, the light ring of the Echo Dot has now moved from the top edge to the bottom. Also the sound is said to have changed a lot. The Echo Dot was and is not designed as a loudspeaker, but when Alexa talks to you, the voice should sound very good. Whether this is really the case will be seen or heard. A tonal improvement is already conceivable. After all, the new shape also allows more space for a stronger loudspeaker. As with the predecessor, however, a 41 mm loudspeaker is used. We hope that the changed shape will provide a better sound image.

Another version with clock

The fourth generation will also feature an Echo Dot with integrated display. This serves primarily as a practical digital clock. But it can also display other things. On request there is also the possibility to set a timer or alarm and to display it. Also the possibility to use a snooze function, which was painfully missing in the previous model, is now available. So the Echo Dot 4 with clock is again a perfect Echo Dot for the bedside table. Apart from the additional display, there are no other differences to the normal version of the new Echo Dot.

Price and availability

According to Amazon the Echo Dot of the fourth generation is to appear on November 5, 2020. But you can already pre-order the two versions now. At a price of 58.48 Euro you can get the version without watch. Those who prefer the Echo Dot 4 with integrated digital clock will have to invest 68.22 Euro. The small smart companion is available in the colors blue-gray and white.

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