Amazon seeks 100,000 new employees

From an economic point of view, the corona crisis is not causing a downturn for every company. Thus, the rampant virus also brings winners to the day. Online trade in particular is currently experiencing a real boom. This becomes clear also with the largest of all on-line mail-order houses. Finally Amazon writes out now in the USA 100,000 new jobs.

Home shopping is safer

The reason for the booming online trade is obvious. People are increasingly afraid to go to the regional supermarket or other shops – if they are still open. At the same time, online retailers like Amazon are making a profit from these precautions. They offer maximum security with services like contactless delivery. That’s why many people currently consider shopping online the safest way to avoid infection.

Amazon can no longer keep up with the pace

The increasing number of online orders has not left Amazon unaffected. Due to the great demand, the company simply has problems in having sufficient capacity available. For this reason, Amazon would now like to make extensive new appointments. A total of 100,000 new jobs are to be created and filled in the USA. These are divided into both full-time and part-time positions. Of particular importance is the filling of positions in the warehouse and delivery.

Wage increases for the workforce

It goes without saying that Amazon’s employees currently have to work more. In order to keep up the spirits and to pacify the minds, Amazon has announced comprehensive wage increases. This should not only apply to the USA. The hourly wages in Canada and Europe are also to be increased. The plan is to increase wages by 2 Euro or 2 USD per hour. The increased wages are expected to result in additional expenditure of a proud 350 million USD.

New employees are being sought above all in the delivery department and the warehouse.

Transition job at Amazon

In times of the corona crisis, many fear for the loss of their current jobs. Amazon would like to help here as well. The online retailer has explicitly made itself available as a temporary employer. Employees who work in threatened sectors such as the catering or hotel industry could use it to secure their financial security. After all, the position of employees in the USA is much weaker than in Germany. Amazon makes it clear on its own website that this temporary job could be maintained until the corona crisis is over.

Does Amazon exploit the crisis?

It is of course striking how unselfishly Amazon is acting during the Corona crisis. Of course, Amazon is currently generating much higher profits than is the case during “normal times”. However, it cannot be denied that many people are currently dependent on the online merchant. After all, contactless delivery is the best way to avoid infection. There is no such security in the supermarket – despite a distance of 1.5m. Accordingly, many people benefit from hiring additional staff. On the one hand, people who have just lost their jobs can gain a foothold again economically. On the other hand, people can shop conveniently from home without having to leave the house. Last but not least, Amazon as a large corporation also benefits – and this cannot be denied.

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