Android 11: Google presents central innovations

Recently, Google presented the most important innovations that the Android 11 operating system will bring with it. Many smartphone manufacturers have already started to supply the first devices with the new operating system. As expected, Google has implemented some features that will be available exclusively on the company’s pixel smartphones.

Simplified operation across app boundaries

A large part of the innovations are aimed at simplifying the operation of smartphones, even across multiple applications. To this end, Android 11 will introduce separate areas that provide information across applications. This includes, for example, a new notification area in which chats from different messengers can be called up. The new bubbles function also aims in this direction: it makes it possible to respond directly to incoming messages from different apps without having to call the app.

In addition, there is a completely revised media control system that enables quick switching between different audio sources – here again, Google aims to simplify networked work with different applications.

Furthermore, screen contents can be recorded without a separate app in the future. For this purpose, Google provides a function integrated into the operating system.

The new operating system will also make it easier to link smart home devices with the smartphone. For this purpose, a separate area will be introduced from which all connected smart home devices can be centrally controlled.

Data protection and security

Further innovations concern the privacy and security of Android smartphones. For example, Google is introducing one-time permissions for access to sensitive functions: Users can grant an app one-time access to the camera or microphone, for example. This new function should make it possible to combine data protection and convenient operation – previously, one-time access had to be granted for general access and then withdrawn again. It should also be possible to grant such one-time access rights to apps for other data and functions that Google classifies as less sensitive.

In addition, further update modules for the Play Store are available under Android 11, which should also serve to improve the security of the smartphone.

Android Auto, Android Enterprise and Pixel

Furthermore, Android Auto will be wirelessly usable with all compatible cars under Android 11, and under Android Enterprise it will be possible to adjust the privacy settings for private and professional devices.
Users of pixel smartphones starting from the Pixel 2 can also look forward to further innovations. Soon, for example, app suggestions will appear on the start screen or there will be opportunities to take screenshots of apps.

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