Apple iPhone 11 has touch problems due to defective display module

With some iPhone 11 there are problems with the touch function. The reason is a defect of the display module. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max should not be affected by this.

Reaction to finger inputs is not possible

Due to problems with the display module, it is possible that the iPhone 11 no longer responds to finger input. The manufacturer wants to eliminate this defect free of charge. Apple has announced a replacement program for the affected phones, in which the display module is to be replaced. The defect causes problems with the touch function of the iPhone 11, the phone does not respond to touch at all. According to Apple, only a few displays of the 11 model series are affected by the defect. Apple only offers the replacement of the module for devices manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020. The other iPhones are not supposed to have this defect and thus are not covered by the exchange program. There are no indications that the OLED display of the iPhone 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max are also affected, only the LC display of the iPhone 11 seems to have this defect.

exchange program only for very specific serial numbers

To determine whether your iPhone will receive free service from Apple, iPhone 11 owners must first enter the serial number on Apple’s repair page. Afterwards, the phone will be checked to see if it benefits from free repair. If owners have already had a touch problem fixed and paid for it, they can contact Apple for a refund. To find the serial number of your iPhone simply go to the settings, then to General and then to Info, here you will find the serial number of the iPhone 11 in addition to the model, model number and the serial number of the iPhone 11. If this is no longer possible due to the defect of the touch module, the number is also engraved in the SIM card slot.

No exchange in case of previous damage

Apple offers the exchange program only for iPhones without any damage. If the smartphone already shows any damage, it must be repaired before the program can be used. Furthermore, the free repair is only offered within two years after the purchase of the iPhone. According to Apple, owners who purchased their phone in Germany or another country in the European Economic Area can have the defect repaired here as well. Otherwise, the program is only offered in the country where the smartphone was purchased.

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