Asus Z590 mainboards allow M.2 SSD mounting without screws

In the meantime, the M.2 form factor has become popular for SSDs. This is not only because of the compact design, but also because of fast PCIe. However, the small bars do have one disadvantage. The installation of the storage media is often very fiddly – at least for amateurs. The reason for this is the tiny screws, which require real sensitivity from PC tinkerers. It is not uncommon for them to get lost during installation. Asus has taken care of this problem. Thus, the new Z590 mainboards are supposed to make an assembly without screws possible.

The screw will be eliminated

Asus wants to replace the screw, which was previously used for installation, with a latch. This is made of a plastic and is located above the M.2 slot. As soon as the SSD is inserted into the motherboard, the bolt ensures a tight fit. A screw is therefore no longer needed. Only practical use will show how the plastic latches will perform. First and foremost, they will have to prove their durability. The basic idea, however, sounds very good. After all, anyone who has ever installed an M.2 SSD can understand how annoying this installation can be.

Release parallel to Rocket Lake-S

The Asian electronics manufacturer plans to launch its new motherboards at the end of March. At the same time, the matching CPUs will also come directly with Intel’s processors from the Rocket Lake-S series. There already seem to be various representatives among the SSD manufacturers who want to support the new holder of the Asus motherboards. Thus, the company has a unique selling point that is not to be despised.

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