Ampler Axel and Juna: Two new e-bikes for the start of the season

With the Ampler Axel and Juna models, the Estonian manufacturer is launching two new e-bikes at the start of the spring season. Juna is aimed primarily at smaller riders, while the Axel presents itself sporty, with a focus on comfort.

Ampler Axel and Juna unveiled

Ampler already has the sporty e-bike Curt, as well as the rather cozy Tourer Stout at the start. With the new e-bike Ampler Axel, the manufacturer positions itself exactly between these two models. With a weight of 16.3 kg, the bike is a real lightweight.

Here, the manufacturer relies on a rear-wheel motor that is supposed to enable smooth acceleration with the help of the torque sensor. It comes with 45 Nm of torque and offers a precise pedal torque sensor motor control system, as well as customizable motor assistance modes. Weighing in at 25 km/h, it is also street legal.

Ampler Axel

With the help of 336 Wh battery capacity, a range of about 70 km should be realized. Charging is done via a 3A Li-Ion charger with Rosenberger magnetic plug, which fully charges the bike in about 2.5 hours.

Fit for the road

Roadworthy also turns out the safety equipment of the Ampler Axel. With a bright light from Busch+Müller in the front and a rear light firmly integrated in the fender, which also serves as a reflector.

The Axel is offered in two frame sizes. M is aimed at people between 172 and 185 cm, while L is designed for riders up to a maximum of 2.00 m. The frame is equipped with a bike power button and an integrated display that gives full control over the e-bike. It provides information about the battery range, ride statistics and allows you to adjust the lights and motor modes.

The single-speed belt drive is said to provide silent operation and easy maintenance, while hydraulic disc brakes ensure successful braking performance.Ampler Axel

Ampler Mobile App with Exciting Features

With the help of the Ampler Mobile App 2.0, the manufacturer’s e-bikes are given additional protection. You can see where your e-bike is at all times and be notified if someone tries to move it. The e-bike’s connectivity depends on the availability of LTE-M and 2G connections.

The app also provides insight into ride statistics and allows motor settings to be saved. In terms of connectivity, the Ampler Axel offers Bluetooth, GSM and GPS.

Ampler Juna focuses on deep entry

The second new e-bike from the Estonian manufacturer goes by the name Ampler Juna and marks the manufacturer’s smallest bike to date. Here, too, two frame sizes are offered, covering everything from 150 cm to 174 cm.

Ampler Juna

Riding is done in an upright seating position, which is more conducive to relaxed cruising and city driving. The lowered center bar of the 16.5 kg bike allows for more comfortable entry and exit. Engine, range and special features as well as safety aspects are shared by the Juna with the Axel.

Price and availability

The two e-bikes Ampler Axel and Juna are now directly available for order in the manufacturer’s shop. In terms of price, both models do not differ from each other, even the frame size does not matter.

The RRP is 2,590 euros, a luggage carrier can be purchased additionally for 60 euros equal to it. The Axel and the Ampler Juna are to be delivered in around three weeks.

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