Backforce versus DXRacer: young brand versus the mother of gaming chairs

The US company DXRacer is considered the mother of gaming chairs in the entire gaming and e-sports scene. It was founded back in 2001 as a manufacturer of racing car seats in Michigan. In 2006, the gaming chair division was added, with the typical racing shell look rubbing off on them. The first DXRacer was the original reason gaming chairs were designed as racing seats on wheels for so long.

A few years later, brands like noblechairs, Gamechanger, and most notably Backforce came along and completely rethought the gaming chair concept. While ergonomics and long-lasting comfort have always been important to DXRacer as well, making a chair for gaming look more classy and high-end is what others have come up with.

One of them is Backforce. The German company is less than two years old and is already the talk of the town. The freshly baked brand focuses not only on premium quality, but also on an elegant design that is not quite typical gaming. In addition, the brand relies on high-quality materials, Made in Germany manufacturing and an unbelievable 10-year warranty. Why Backforce is especially capable of the latter becomes apparent in the comparison.

We have therefore pitted the mother of all gaming chairs against the young brand and are more than curious how the comparison will turn out.

Corner data on the companies

Backforce DXRacer
Market launch 2019 2006
country of origin Germany USA
Market segment Premium Medium
Target group (size) 150 – 192 cm 150 – 205 cm (depending on model)
Target group (weight) 45 – 130 kg 60 – 205 kg (depending on model)
Price range of all chairs 499 – 629 euros 209 – 509 euros
Warranty period 10 years Lifetime on the steel frame in the backrest, 2 years on everything else
Special Features 4D and 5D armrests, flexible lumbar support, distinctive back shield, customizable extras Racing look, stability, 3D and 4D armrests, high-quality materials, lumbar support in some models

Backforce: decades of experience form the foundation

Of course, you can’t just launch a brand with such a high-quality product in a year. In addition to capital, you also need a lot of experience. In the case of Backforce, therefore, both come from Interstuhl, a German manufacturer of premium chairs with over 60 years of experience. That’s why Backforce is not a company, but an Interstuhl brand.

Knowing that now, it’s not so utopian to throw a chair like the Backforce One on the market, let alone a One Plus that has far more in terms of features to offer. In addition, the 10-year warranty is no longer surprising when you know that each chair is handmade and in Germany. In addition to the related strict regulations, the best materials and first-class workmanship, Backforce chairs additionally set themselves apart with top-notch features. But let’s take it one by one!

What sets Backforce gaming chairs apart

Backforce’s understanding of comfort and ergonomics is reflected in the One and One Plus with dual-foam components in the seat, padded armrests, a flexible lumbar support on the One Plus, and a molded wood top on both models. The latter in particular still represents a rarity in gaming chair construction. Yet wood is the best thing that can happen to a back. It is flexible and adapts to any back, while a steel construction is simply stiff.

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The Backforce models are flexible anyway, so they can also adapt to the respective user. Thanks to synchronous movement of the seat to the backrest as well as seat depth and seat tilt adjustment, the chairs follow every movement and offer very personal comfort. And you can enjoy this for many hours at a stretch without any part of your body complaining.

In addition to the inner values, Backforce has also taken care of the exterior of the chairs – down to the last detail. Alcantara faux leather provides breathability in the back, so you can sit dry even when it’s 30 degrees. Quilted patterns, a colored collar below the headrest and a wide backrest without holes make the Backforce chairs real eye-catchers. However, the visual highlights are the brushed aluminum base, the multi-layered plastic shield on the back, and the patches on the backrest shoulders and the Gamer Pulse.

Both of the latter extras provide the external individualism, while the functions in the chair, do the physical. The patches can be labeled entirely according to your own wishes when ordering. The Gamer Pulse can also be customized at home; Backforce provides instructions for this on its website. The Pulse is attached to the back and lights up.

In the end, you get a complete package of a gaming chair that is bursting with top quality, functionality and individuality. Of course, this has its price, but we at Basic Tutorials can only say one thing: with Backforce, every penny is well invested!

And as icing on the cake, Backforce or rather Interstuhl also thinks about the environment: the manufacturer states that every single component of the chairs is fully recyclable if they can eventually no longer be used. Which, considering Backforce’s warranty promise, could probably be quite a while.

Check out the Backforce One Plus!

What sets DXRacer’s gaming chairs apart

The look of a Backforce One alone is quite different from the exterior of DXRacer chairs. With the exception of one series, you can tell from every chair from the US brand that they have racing in their blood. Both from the way the colors are set and from the shape of the seat shell. The chairs are not only available in racing red.

This typical look has taken root in the gaming and e-sports industry over the years, has been used as a template many times by brands like Sharkoon, Nitro Concepts, and larger furniture stores, and has also brought a bit of professionalism in terms of ergonomics to gaming rooms. But the last part of the bullet list in particular has evolved very little in DXRacer’s nearly 15-year history. While brands like Backforce deliver with molded wood, synchro mechanism and other useful features, DXRacer often still sticks to 3D armrests, simple rocker mechanism of the backrest as well as the simple height adjustability via gas pressure spring, as it can be found on every gaming chair. What we were convinced of, however, is the choice of materials as well as the workmanship: both of a high-quality nature.


The necessary ergonomics are provided by a steel-reinforced framework in the backrest, a lumbar cushion and a neck cushion, both of which are attached from the outside, but adjustable. In terms of functions, mechanics and inner workings, a DXRacer can’t compete with Backforce. Here, racing looks and racing bucket seats, which still enjoy great popularity in the gaming scene, score first and foremost.

The US brand’s latest series is an exception: Master Racer. With 4D armrests, adjustable headrest and adjustable lumbar support, it can still be compared most closely to a Backforce One. With the Master Racer, you can tell that DXRacer has caught on to the revolution in the gaming chair market. However, if the manufacturer wants to keep up in the long run and even play in the premium class, it will need a lot more.

Where Backforce falls short, however, is in the maximum height for which the chairs are designed. DXRacer offers King and Tank XL models that can accommodate people over two meters tall and weighing 200 kilograms.

In summary, DXRacer chairs are suitable mainly for beginners or for those whose wallets are not so bulging. However, in this case, we recommend rather saving a year longer and get real quality, comfort and durability into your home with a Backforce One or One Plus.

Top Models: The Backforce One Plus Compared to the DXRacer Master Racer

In a direct comparison of the two top models, we at DXRacer decided to go with the new Master series because it still looks more like a One Plus from Backforce, both visually and in terms of features. That the usual series from DXRacer can hardly keep up with the Backforce chairs, we have just had to find out.

The Backforce One Plus is actually supplied with everything a back that sits for many hours at a stretch demands. First and foremost, we have to mention the integrated lumbar support, which adjusts to the respective back both in height and depth. 5D armrests – yet another special feature among gaming chairs – provide the necessary clearance up to the point of folding away completely if you want to get really close to the table.

Breathable synthetic leather, dual-foam components and a molded wood panel in the backrest also make the One Plus look even better. With Backforce, Interstuhl has put its concentrated experience into a chair that is intended for a target group that sometimes sits more than stands. What’s more, it’s so elegant on the outside that it doesn’t immediately scream “typical gamer chair,” but can also furnish modern offices.

If we take a look at the Master Racer from DXRacer, the first thing you notice is the similar design to the One Plus: no more holes in the backrest, a more elegant look and glossy faux leather. But under the hood, the series is missing one or two goodies. The backrest can be tilted backward by 155 degrees, the base is made of aluminum, and only 4D armrests are installed. Only the adjustable lumbar support is impressive.

The prices in comparison

Price-wise, worlds collide here: while the One is available for 499 euros and the One Plus for 629 euros, DXRacer’s Racer Model P starts at 209 euros. But if you can hardly compare the two brands in terms of performance, it is impossible in terms of price.

The most expensive model is the Tank for 549 euros, which is, however, intended for large and heavy people and therefore has more material consumption on the scale. Directly behind it follows the Master Race, which as mentioned represents the more noble and relatively better equipped series for DXRacer. The chair, which is also available in white, costs 429 euros, which is less than the normal Backforce One.


Honestly, DXRacer didn’t stand a chance against Backforce from the first written word in the key data table – with any model. The fact alone that both brands are in two different price ranges quickly makes things clear. You can’t expect as much performance for an average of 250 Euros as for 600 Euros. And ultimately, Backforce delivers, which is why the One and One Plus are clearly better gaming chairs than the Master or Racer G series from DXRacer.

We don’t deny the US-Americans any competence, after all, the company is based on more than a decade of experience in building gaming chairs; the high sales figures alone speak for themselves. But the expectations of the average gamer have changed, and Backforce meets them.

Backforce One Plus – Premium Gaming Stuhl price comparison

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