Better DSLR images with Arsenal 2?

Arsenal 2 is designed to help camera owners with an affinity for photography to make their pictures even better. The principle is based on a modern AI function.

Within a few moments it should be possible to select or let select the perfect settings for the perfect picture via smartphone. Integrated sensors should ensure that the maximum can be taken out of the connected camera.

No matter whether landscape, product or people photography: according to the manufacturer, Arsenal 2 can be used to create wonderful basics for any kind of image.

The system does not work with the help of simple filters, but uses artificial intelligence to emphasize the different colors even better. The principle goes by the name of “Arsenal Deep Color” and helps the different pictures to become more expressive.

Arsenal 2 in detail

Arsenal 2 is attached to the respective camera via a simple USB connection. In this way, it ensures that practical, modern camera and photography techniques run completely automatically and the user does not have to deal with separate settings. Even pictures from the field of night or panorama photography are no longer a great challenge.

The images can then be stored either on the smartphone in question or on the MicroSD card in Arsenal 2.

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Arsenal 2 is available in both the Standard and Pro versions. Both versions differ in terms of the services offered. However, Pro and Standard can be connected to the same cameras.

For whom is Arsenal 2 suitable?

Arsenal 2 is aimed at all fans of photography who don’t feel like searching for the “perfect” settings.  No matter whether it is about, for example,:

  • to get the maximum out of existing colors
  • to make individual settings
  • to remove people from pictures (for example in front of sights)…

the possibilities are versatile. In addition, the menu navigation is largely self-explanatory despite the large number of functions.

The campaign around Arsenal 2 can currently still be supported from an amount of 149 US dollars (approx. 127 euros) on Kickstarter. Delivery is then expected to start in June 2021.

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