Beyerdynamic: New generation of T1 and T5 presented

For true fans of Beyerdynamic, the long wait is finally over. With the T1 and T5, the sound forge has now presented the third generation of high-end models.

Open and closed headphones

At first glance, a layman cannot tell the difference between the two upcoming top models. However, experts will immediately see the difference between T1 and T5. While the T1 is designed as open headphones, the T5 is a closed headphone from Beyerdynamic. But that’s about all the differences. Both rely on the same driver. Here, the powerful Tesla driver is used. This driver was not only developed in Germany, but is also manufactured in this country. In addition, both headphones should sit similarly comfortable. Here probably not only the ear pads with memory foam provide. In addition, the ergonomic design and a headband made of high-quality Alcantara should also ensure a high level of comfort when worn.

Small but significant differences

While the open T1 has finely perforated ear cups, the closed T5 has a complete housing cover with a modern structure. Lacquered stainless steel is used for the T1. The T5 again uses brushed aluminum. In contrast to the previous generation, not much has changed in terms of sound. According to Beyerdynamic, the T5 has only been fine-tuned. For example, the bass of the headphones has been raised slightly. This is supposed to provide a warmer and more natural sound image overall. Hopefully the “more” of bass will not alienate the friends of the always extremely neutral sound of Beyerdynamic.

The Beyerdynamic T5 (left) and the Beyerdynamic T1 (right) in comparison.

Available immediately

The two flagships of Beyerdamic can be purchased now in the onlineshop of the manufacturer. Thereby Beyerdamic calls a proud price of 999 Euro. Considering the high quality workmanship and the great sound, which is typical for Beyerdynamic, the price will be reasonable for many.

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