Bill Gates resigns from his position as board member at Microsoft

Microsoft has made public that Bill Gates is giving up his position on the board of directors of the IT group. This means that one of the most iconic figures in the global IT industry is relinquishing his crown. According to his own statement, the co-founder of the gigantic company now wants to concentrate on the work of his own foundation.

An icon goes

If you take it strictly speaking, Bill Gates has already relinquished his management position at Microsoft earlier. After all, the visionary handed over the management of the group to someone else in 2008. But despite all this, he was still on the board of the large IT group. Bill Gates even headed this board until 2014, but from then on his work on the board was more or less only of a representative nature. The departure of Bill Gates marks the end of a very special era.

A final departure?

It was certainly not an easy task to give up the position on the board. After all, Bill Gates has thus given up the very last official position in the large IT group. Nevertheless, he does not want to turn his back on the group entirely. Microsoft has announced that Gates will continue to be available as a technology consultant. This shows how important Bill Gates was and still is for the company. Finally, Microsoft makes it clear that they want to continue to benefit from the IT visionary’s experience and passion for technology. Incidentally, Microsoft does not want to replace the vacant position on the Management Board. This once again underlines the great importance of the co-founder of one of the largest IT groups in the world.

focus from now on on aid organization

But how does Bill Gates spend his free time now? For many years, he and his wife have run the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”. With this aid organisation, the successful entrepreneur wanted to give support to needy parts of the world. Now Microsoft has made it public that Gates now wants to concentrate mainly on his aid organization. This focuses primarily on worldwide health, development, education and global environmental protection. Certainly, the growing problem of climate change also played a major role in Bill Gates’ change of mind.

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