Bluetti AC180: New power station with all-round capabilities

The desire to protect the environment and the opportunity to save a lot of money are currently causing many people to opt for alternative energy generation options. Not only large-scale PV systems on the roof or balcony at home play a role. So-called power stations are also experiencing a gigantic boom. These open up the possibility of using an energy storage system on the move. Whether for camping, in a van or as a domestic emergency power supply. Since power stations are now available in a wide variety of sizes, the applications are just as diverse. In combination with a suitable PV unit, you can also make yourself self-sufficient from the classic power socket and produce green electricity on your own. With the Bluetti AC180, a new piece of technology is coming soon that is supposed to score with all-round capabilities.

Bluetti AC180 attacks the EcoFlow Delta 2

In the field of power stations, Bluetti is undoubtedly one of the most popular manufacturers. The company initially focused on quite large-format energy storage units, which are supposed to serve as a pure backup for the home power supply. In our test of the Bluetti EB3A, we found that the company can also score in the small format. With the Bluetti AC180 now comes an all-rounder, so to speak, which is supposed to supply you with power both when camping and in case of a power outage at home. A constant output of 1,800 watts and a peak output of 2,700 watts is reminiscent of probably the fiercest competitor in the form of the EcoFlow Delta 2 (test). Bluetti is aware of this, which is why the manufacturer offers a good 100 Wh more than EcoFlow’s competition with 1,152 Wh.

Power station for wilderness and home

Thanks to the high power peak, it should also not be a problem to run once energy guzzlers like a hair dryer or kettle with the necessary energy. If Bluetti has its way, the mobile power station should also be able to be used in the pampas far away from any civilization without any problems. Spontaneous trips are no problem thanks to the quick-charge function. You should be able to charge the power station from 0 to 80 percent within just 45 minutes. The charging power of 1,440 watts makes this possible. Here, the Delta 2 once again draws the short straw with 1,200 watts.

Bluetti AC180
Bluetti AC180 (Image: Bluetti)

In your own four walls, the Bluetti AC180 also serves as an optimal emergency power supply thanks to UPS. If a power failure should ever occur, the power station immediately registers this and seamlessly starts supplying power to the connected devices. According to Bluetti, this should take place with a delay of just 20 ms. This is particularly important in the case of the refrigerator, as otherwise the food could spoil. Furthermore, Bluetti relies on modern LiFePO4 battery technology. This not only offers more safety than lithium-ion technology, but is also more durable. Not without reason Bluetti gives an amazingly long warranty of 5 years.

Bluetti AC180 focuses on user comfort

If you’re familiar with the typical front of Bluetti’s AC series, you’ll notice the changes to the display. According to the manufacturer, the 1.7-inch screen has a larger font. This makes it easier to read important status information like remaining battery as well as output and input power. Bluetti seems to have responded to criticism from older users in particular. In practice, this should definitely provide more operating comfort thanks to better readability. Speaking of comfort. The power station is also supposed to be friendly to the ears. The so-called silent charging mode is supposed to ensure almost noiseless charging.

Bluetti AC180
Bluetti AC180 (Image: Bluetti)

Of course, the AC180 should also be able to be used with the in-house Bluetti app. Here, the power station can not only be monitored. On top of that, you can make various settings here. For example, the working mode of the power station can be regulated here. This also includes the charging speed. This is particularly interesting from the point of view of longevity. After all, the fast charging function may save time, but it also means a certain effort for the battery cells. You can regulate the charging time in the app to charge more gently. Furthermore, you can transfer over-the-air updates to a power station here.

Even better with matching PV system PV420

If you want to use the Bluetti AC180 as a power supply during a longer stay in the wilderness, you usually can’t access a power outlet to recharge it. This makes a suitable PV unit like the Bluetti PV420 all the more practical. With this you can produce green electricity, which is stored in the power station without further ado. Bluetti emphasizes that the PV420 is the most powerful photovoltaic unit the manufacturer has ever produced. A proud 400 watts of power speak for themselves and ensure that the AC180 can also be quickly charged with pure solar energy.

Bluetti AC180
Image: Bluetti

Since the use of the Bluetti PV420 is particularly worthwhile in the outdoor area, the manufacturer also relies on a resistant processing here. Monocrystalline solar cells and multilayer ETFE not only ensure better light transmission and greater efficiency in converting solar energy into electricity. On top of that, Bluetti promises a longer service life here. Thanks to IP65 certification, the PV system in portable format also guarantees protection against the damaging ingress of water or dirt. This means that even a rain shower is no problem when used at the campsite.

As we are used to from the solar panels of Bluetti, the PV420 also relies on a practical kickstand, which makes it easy to set up and adjust to the position of the sun. With the help of the carrying handle, you can easily transport it to its respective place of use. The compact, foldable format ensures that you can easily store it in your van or at home. In terms of compatibility, the PV420 should not only get along very well with the Bluetti AC180. According to the manufacturer, the system should also support Bluetti’s other power stations. Even third-party devices with a suitable MC4 port should be able to use it.

Price and Availability

According to James Ray, Bluetti’s director of marketing, the company has tried to combine “portability, performance, and cost-effectiveness” with the Bluetti AC180. At least the first two points seem to work, if the stated technical data correspond to reality. We can only say something about the cost efficiency when we know the final price. It is still uncertain at the moment at which RRP the Powerstation will be launched. However, we assume that it will be in the same price range as the EcoFlow Delta 2 and thus should cost about 1,000 Euros. We will know for sure at the beginning of May 2023 at the latest. That’s when the AC180 is to be launched. The matching Bluetti PV420, on the other hand, is already available now. You can secure the practical solar panel between March 12 and 29, 2023 for 899.00 euros instead of the MSRP of 1,099.00 euros.

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