CES 2021: LG introduces extremely wide and curved 5K monitor

At this year’s CES, LG introduced an ultra-wide monitor with razor-sharp 5K resolution. The LG UltraWide 40WP95C comes with a screen diagonal of 40 inches and a special Curved Nano IPS display. Those who work professionally with pictures and videos will be happy about the particularly accurate color reproduction that LG promises here. On top of that, the monitor shines with future-proof Thunderbolt 4.

Impressive 5K resolution

When it comes to resolution, LG makes no compromises here. The 40-incher resolves with 5,120 x 2,160 pixels. Thus, the IPS panel manages a pixel density of a proud 139 PPI. Not only the size and the razor-sharp image are supposed to convince with the monitor’s 21:9 aspect ratio. LG also emphasizes the coverage of the most important color spaces. In particular, the LG UltrWide 40WP95C is supposed to be able to achieve 135 percent in the sRGB color space. In the DCI-P3 color space, LG’s big newcomer still achieves a very good 98 percent.

Not necessarily suitable for gamers

A closer look at the specs quickly makes it clear that LG has created a monitor for image and video editing here. Thus, professional working with the monitor is more in focus for the manufacturer than gaming. The refresh rate of 75 Hz should be sufficient for most gamers. However, the response time of 5 ms is not really up to date when it comes to current games. However, those who use the monitor for work should be happy with it. Thanks to the curvature and sheer size, efficient multitasking should be possible.

More detailed information is still open

Unfortunately, we don’t know much more about the upcoming monitor from LG yet. For example, the manufacturer has not yet commented on the maximum brightness of the UltraWide. Especially when working with or playing HDR content, this plays a big role. The same applies for a corresponding HDR certification. LG will certainly release more information about this in the coming days. What makes the curved monitor a real exotic on the market is the Thunderbolt 4 port. This is extremely rare to find in current monitors. Thus, the UltraWide is definitely equipped for the future. The advantages of Thunderbolt 4 are the extensive features. For example, the standard allows connecting a notebook and charging it at the same time.  LG is also silent about the other ports so far. The South Koreans only talk about a large selection of different ports. We strongly assume that the DisplayPort and HDMI standards will be on board.

Price and availability still unknown

In terms of ergonomics, the LG offers a practical stand. Here, it should be possible to change the height, tilt and rotation of the monitor in no time at all. When and at what price the LG UltraWide 40WP95C will appear in this country, we do not know yet. However, we will keep you up to date.

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