CES 2023: BYD presents Yangwang U8 and U9

Cars bearing the “Made in China” label are no longer just small-format clunkers for a small price. In recent years, the companies of the People’s Republic have caught up considerably, which is stirring up the market, especially in the field of electric cars. One of the most renowned representatives is certainly the BYD automotive group. The company is now surprising us with its two newcomers, the Yangwang U8 and Yangwang U9, which can clearly be assigned to the luxury segment.

Yangwang U8 and U9 were on display at CES 2023

You don’t know the name BYD? You’re certainly not alone. However, the group is likely to be the talk of the world in the next few years. After all, it is preparing to become the most successful automotive group on the entire globe. This throne is currently still held by the Japanese competition from Toyota. But BYD seems to be well on the way to changing this. This is made clear by the self-imposed goal of CEO and founder Wang Chuanfu. He still gives himself and his company until 2025 to take over the throne.

Yangwang U8 (Image: BYD)

The fact that BYD is already a big player in the field of electric mobility is evident from its sales figures in China. Tesla is still considered number one there, but BYD is hot on the heels of its US competitors in terms of production and sales figures. BYD’s formula for success is certainly its broad product range. In addition to affordable mid-range cars, such as the soon-to-be-released Atto 3 (official website), the group has quite a few other calibers in the pipeline.

Yangwang U9 (Image: Yangwang)

It was now possible to take a look at these as part of CES 2023. At the technology fair in the Nevada desert, BYD presented us namely the two new luxury brand luxury models Yangwang. In addition to the giant SUV Yangwang U8, the Yangwang U9 was also a super sports car. Prices in the equivalent six-figure euro range make it clear that BYD has now also begun its attack on top European and US manufacturers.

They look familiar, don’t they?!

What’s the saying? Better well stolen than badly self-made. Strictly speaking, BYD must be accused of having done just that with its Yangwang U8 and U9. At least in terms of looks, they are very reminiscent of vehicles from Great Britain. While the Yangwang U8 with its chunky, angular SUV design is strongly reminiscent of a Land Rover model, the U9 could easily have come from the McLaren drawing board. In the meantime, however, the rest of the world has gotten used to the fact that some Chinese brands like to look for inspiration in other models. That should probably be taken more as a compliment than as theft of intellectual property.

Yangwang U8 and U9 come with same engine technology

Under the hood, then, great astonishment remains. Although this is a beefy SUV on the one hand and a filigree, sleek supercar on the other, they share their engine technology. Both all-electric vehicles rely on a total of four electric drives, which should provide plenty of thrust. A blade battery ensures that they don’t run out of breath too quickly. The motors have an output of up to 240 kW. The maximum torque is 420 Nm. Thanks to the compact drive, the vehicles should be able to generate a high level of waste heat, which in turn can be used to temper the batteries.

The battery technology also comes from BYD (Image: BYD)

Away from sheer performance, both vehicles also offer exciting features. Here, the all-wheel drive, which is standard for two-axle motorized bodies, seems almost boring. In contrast, so-called torque vectoring is anything but standard. Here, torque can be distributed to individual axles, which enables new possibilities such as crab or crab steering. Here, all four wheels can be steered into the identical position to keep the turning circle as small as possible. A so-called tank turn should also be possible based on this technology. If one has confused the side of the charging socket, one should be able to turn comfortably on the spot.

Other highlights from CES 2023:

Many question marks about the Yangwang U9

Actually, we know an IP68 certification mainly from smartphones and other electronic devices. But also the Yangwang U8 should be able to survive a swim in the water without damage. Theoretically, you can swim completely through water. It could hardly be better for an SUV. What also speaks for off-road capability is the ladder frame that BYD wants to use. This is supposed to give the entire body an extra portion of resistance.

As much as we already know about the E-SUV, so much is still uncertain about the Yangwang U9. Apart from the first pictures and the engine technology, we can only guess at a few things. However, it is already certain that the flexible design of the axles and the drive should be in the best hands. With an acceleration from 0 to 100 in just three seconds, the super sports car is said to be able to roar across the streets at an astonishing speed.

Release in Europe and USA still uncertain

China has emerged as the most important market for European automakers in recent years. In particular, large-format luxury models from Mercedes, BMW and Co. are particularly well received in the People’s Republic. Apparently, BYD wants to put a stop to the conquest course of foreign manufacturers with Yangwang U8 and U9. If you take a look at the e-SUV and the all-electric super sports car, this plan may well work out. However, it is still questionable whether we will see the two high-priced vehicles on the roads in Germany. BYD has not yet announced any plans as to when and if Yangwangs will be sold outside of China.

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Cars bearing the „Made in China“ label are no longer just small-format clunkers for a small price. In recent years, the companies of the People’s Republic have caught up considerably, which is stirring up the market, especially in the field of electric cars. One of the most renowned representatives is certainly the BYD automotive group. … (Weiterlesen...)

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