CES: Bosch announces HomeKit support

At the CES, Bosch announced that in the future it will use Apple’s HomeKit interface. This step comes as no surprise, as the company had already announced in mid-2019 that it would soon be supporting HomeKit.

Apple’s smart home interface should thus become even more attractive. In the recent past, several companies had shown themselves to be inclined and announced that they would soon make their products compatible with HomeKit. However, Bosch does not only want to support Apple’s interface. The company is more generally interested in opening up to new partners. In general, Bosch wants to offer selected partners the opportunity to integrate Bosch devices into their own offerings via interfaces provided by the company. Users are thus no longer dependent on using their own app to control Bosch devices. In addition, Bosch devices can be integrated more easily into larger smart home networks with products from different manufacturers.

For users of the HomeKit, the Bosch devices certainly represent an added value. The German company offers a number of smart products ranging from surveillance cameras to thermostats and motion detectors, so those interested in using Apple’s HomeKit will soon be able to choose from a wide range of products.

However, Bosch has not announced an exact start date for the cooperation. It was merely stated that the integration of the devices into Apple’s system should begin this year.

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