CES: Crucial presents RAM memory and SSD

Not surprisingly, Crucial also presented some new products at this year’s CES. Especially in the RAM area some new products were presented. In addition, a new SSD is among the products presented.

RAM memory in two series

The memory shown is assigned to the series Ballistix and Ballistix Max. In addition, both series are available with RGB lighting. The Ballistix series is aimed at the average interested person, whose hardware is not up to the high-end range, but should be available at affordable prices. The speed of this RAM is a maximum of 3,600 MHz at CL16. The RAM memory is to be offered in the sizes 8 and 16 GB. In addition, Crucial also wants to offer a 32 GB memory, which should be clocked lower, though. The RGB series is supposed to differ from the standard series just by the lighting.

The Max-variant, however, is aimed at interested people who are looking for very powerful components and are willing to put more money on the table. With CL18, a speed of up to 4,400 MHz is achieved here. Again, an RGB variant, which is assigned to the RGB series, will be offered. The memory sizes should again be 8 and 16 GB.

All memory elements are to be equipped with micron chips, which are to ensure that the maximum speeds can actually be reached with the given overclocking possibilities.


Crucial also presented a new SSD, but little information is available about it. The external memory element is called X8 and is supposed to be particularly compact with its aluminum case. The external SSD will be offered in versions with up to 1 TB storage volume. When and at what price it will be available is not known, however.

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