Cherry introduces flat mechanical switch

The keyboard experts from Cherry have presented an almost revolutionary switch. The ultra-flat mechanical switch called MX Ultra Low Profile has a height of just 3.5 mm. It is supposed to celebrate its debut in a gaming notebook from the manufacturer Alienware.

Sensible slimming

Those who are interested in mechanical keyboards know that they usually come in an extensive height. Keyboard manufacturer Cherry wants to eradicate this problem once and for all with its new switch. Thus, the MX Ultra Low Profile is supposed to be another 70 percent flatter than the MX Low Profile. Considering that the MX Low Profile is already one of the flattest on the market, this is a real revolution in the field of mechanical keyboards. The final height of the new switch should then be just 3.5 mm.

Despite the low height, the MX Ultra Low Profile is supposed to be able to offer a typing feel similar to that of the MX Blue. The click, which is popular with many, is also supposed to be present. Even though the typing feel is supposed to be the same as its predecessor, the construction of the MX Ultra Low Profile is completely different from the classic MX switches. The basis of the new switch is a metal frame. Cherry places a metal bracket on this, which is connected to the frame with a metal spring. The spring provides the appropriate resistance when pressing the button.

Can also be used in notebooks

With their new ultra-thin switches, the experts at Cherry can now finally make mechanical keyboards possible in notebooks. This should especially please the gaming community. After all, the popularity of gaming notebooks is steadily increasing. A big advantage is the fact that the MX Ultra Low Profile can probably be soldered directly onto a notebook’s PCB. Thus, even ultra-slim notebooks should be able to have mechanical keyboards in the future. The new switches are supposed to celebrate their premiere in Alienware’s new gaming laptops, m15 R4 and m17 R4. We are curious how the keyboard will perform in the Alienware notebook.

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