Cooler Master: Compact keyboard and matching mouse coming in 2021

Cooler Master wants to launch a new compact keyboard and a matching, especially light mouse before the end of this year. The two input devices have great similarities.

Commonalities: Minimalism and data transfer

Both the keyboard and the mouse fit the current trend towards minimalist input devices, which take up little space, look less spectacular and still bring along many functions. Furthermore, both devices are supposed to score with their many data transfer options: They can be operated via cable as well as Bluetooth and are compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS as well as Android. For this reason, the keyboard is equipped with both a classic and an Apple key layout, which can be switched between at the push of a button.
Another common feature of both devices is that they switch their polling rate automatically to save as much energy as possible. In doing so, they use frequencies between 125 and 1,000 Hz.

MK721: The compact keyboard

The MK721 does without a number pad and comes accordingly handy. It has a 68-key layout, so it is equipped with delete and scroll keys, so you don’t have to do without any of the comforts of larger keyboards. In addition, there is a programmable dial located in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

The device is equipped with Cherry MX switches, whereby users can choose between the red, brown and blue variants. The scope of delivery also includes a palm rest with a fabric surface and a coiled cable.

MM731: The Light Mouse

Although Cooler Master does not use holes, the 122 × 69 × 39 mm mouse is said to weigh less than 60 grams, making it one of the absolute lightweights on the market. Features include the six-button device with the PixArt PAW 3370 sensor, which enables a sampling rate of up to 19,000 dpi. Thanks to the accompanying software, this value can be increased up to 38,000 dpi via interpolation. The mouse also features sliding feet and optical buttons with a life expectancy of 70 million clicks.

Prices and availability

In this country, both devices are expected to hit the market later this year. The mouse is expected to be available as early as the second quarter for around $90. The keyboard is to follow in the third quarter and cost around 130 US dollars. Euro prices have not been announced yet.

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