Cooler Master: New top coolers presented

Cooler Master has introduced new coolers during its online presentation. In addition to the premium cooler MasterAir MA624, new models of the MA612 series are also to be launched.

MasterAir MA624

Even at first glance, the MasterAir MA624 cannot be overlooked. This is not only ensured by the massive dimensions of 144.9 mm x 153.2 mm x 160 mm. The design, which Cooler Master has kept entirely in black, is also appealing. In total, the cooler has two cooling towers. Above them is a cover, which is made of aluminum, but also comes in the color black. The premium cooler has six heat pipes so that the heat is effectively transferred from the cooler base to the cooling fins. In addition, it has two fans. In the standard version, these are two SickleFlow fans with a diameter of 140 mm.

MasterAir MA624 (Image: Cooler Master)

However, the scope of delivery also includes a third fan. This has a diameter of 120 mm. Thanks to the additional fan, one can optionally replace one of the two 140 mm fans. This is necessary if you decide to use a higher RAM bar. Unfortunately, those who like RGB will not be happy here. Cooler Master puts its full attention on the cooling performance of the 1.62 kg top component. We do not yet know when the cooler will be launched. However, Cooler Master has commented on the price. The US company calls for the MasterAir MA624 an MSRP of $99.99.

MasterAir MA612 Stealth takes up less space

If you like the design of the MasterAir MA624 but don’t like its lush dimensions, then perhaps the MasterAir MA612 Stealth is the suitable alternative for you. This one comes in a similar look, but is much smaller at 129 x 112.2 x 158 mm. This one also relies on a black design including a black aluminum cover. Unlike the larger model, however, Cooler Master uses “only” one cooling tower. Two 120 mm fans are supposed to provide fresh air. Cooler Master also relies on a total of six heatpipes for its smaller cooler.

If you want it smaller, but not more inconspicuous, you can also get the MasterAir MA612 Stealth with addressable RGB lighting. Here, Cooler Master replaces the standard 120 mm fans with two SickleFlow 120 ARGB. With the help of the included mini ARGB controller, the lighting can then be conveniently controlled. Alternatively, it is of course also possible to control them via a suitable motherboard. In terms of performance, the two models do not differ from each other. Cooler Master wants to charge an MSRP of $79.99 for the MasterAir Stealth. The MasterAir Stealth ARGB, on the other hand, is supposed to hit the market for $89.99. However, we do not yet know when this will be the case for these two new additions.

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