Corona-Warn-App: The latest version should bring QR check-in

There is news about the Corona-Warn-App again. A check-in system is planned for version 2.0. The app wants to use QR codes for this. We already know this from other representatives. The Corona app “Luca”, supported by Fanta 4 rapper Smudo, has made headlines in recent weeks. Can the classic keep up?

Effective tracking of infection chains

The possibilities opened up by a check-in system are likely to take some of the work out of local health departments in particular. But restaurateurs will also be pleased to have such a feature. Surely you can still remember the personal details that were requested from every visitor to a restaurant or bar last year. This sometimes resulted in bizarre handwritten data that offered no added value in retrospect. A check-in function would not only eliminate this problem. On top of that, people who were afraid for their data will feel safer with a QR code solution.

Integration still unclear

Certainly, the new feature will only do any good if local health departments, as well as affected businesses such as hairdressers and restaurants, join in and pull together. However, these check-in solutions are certainly better than last year’s “paper trail.” We can only hope that they will be established as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the anonymized QR code, people no longer have to worry about their data security when it comes to a check-in feature.

After all, the benefits of such contact tracking have now been scientifically proven. Experts are convinced that infection chains can be interrupted and clusters effectively combated in this way. All that remains is for us to keep our fingers crossed that the developers launch version 2.0 as quickly as possible.

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